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Neophyte wrote:
although i dont think the case is the prettiest just like strud, i love how yours looks from the inside!

all nice and clean, and a massive cooling! 🙂

is it very loud compared to say, a default pc with usual parts?

very nice anyways, +rep 🙂

Thanks for the comments, it's quieter than my old Antec 300 which had Antec TriCool fans. Plus it only had 5 fans, this one has twice as many and is not very loud at all. All of the Cooler Master fans produce around 23 DBA, so it's very quiet.

-EDIT: Replaced front 230mm fan with a 120mm Cooler Master R4 fan. The screws line up, but I'd have to disassemble the front of the case to screw it in. Eff that I'm too lazy, zip ties FTW.

By boredgunner, shot with Canon PowerShot A590 IS at 2009-09-06

That's a temporary solution, soon I'll get another 120mm fan for the front (Scythe S-Flex), and zip tie both fans. With the 230mm fan and the 120mm fan in it's place, HDD temps went down 1-2 degrees.

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