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Thanks for the complements. This is a Scythe Kama Bay. ... etail.html

I have it in black. Get the ATCS 840 instead of the Cosmos S. The ATCS 840 has better cable management, better water cooling potential, and better airflow with modding IF you use a large CPU cooler. In the Cosmos S, the side 230mm fan would be wasted with a large CPU cooler, and you'd be left with just a 120mm front intake fan and a 120mm bottom intake fan. You can add two more 120mm front intakes if you use only one optical drive.

That's not close to what I did with my ATCS 840, and the only modding I did required zip ties. I'm going to replace the front 230mm fan with two 120mm fans, that will require a dremel, but that's fine since the HDD cage is removable with screws. Plus the ATCS 840 is larger and has a removable motherboard tray, and the top mesh can be removed with two thumbscrews for much easier access to the fans. On the Cosmos S, the top can be removed with one thumbscrew, but the fans are still behind some ventilation which can't be removed. See below.


No easy cleaning for top fans there! Versus the ATCS 840 where the fans are completely exposed under the mesh. Yum. The only advantages the Cosmos S has over the ATCS 840 are stock airflow, and the thickness of the side panels (ATCS 840 side panels are rather thin, but my windowed one survived a UPS beating which included a man standing on top of the packaging). The Cosmos S looks better in my opinion too.

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