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Thanks for the kind words. I wouldn't mind a hardware temp monitor, but the ones on fan controllers are useless. I don't have the fan controller anymore either, since I run all fans at max speed and it causes cable build up in the 5.25" bay. I can't wait for my new fans and my Scythe Kama bay to come, I modded the case a bit more.

What I did was add a 120mm fan right on top of the two in the HDD cage. How did I do this? I screwed a fan (Antec TriCool for now, replacing with a blue LED CM R4 series fan) into the included fan brackets, and zip tied the bracket to the 5.25" drive bay cage. I don't have a camera, I always borrow one. Sorry I don't have any pictures, but it isn't complete. I should have complete pics by Friday, depending on how long it takes for my new fans to get here. I do know my Scythe Kama Bay will be here tomorrow, I'll take pics of that. I'll also replace that 80mm fan with a 120mm. I ordered four CM R4 series fans. Two with no LED, two with blue LEDs. ... 679&sr=8-1

One of the LED-free fans will go in my Scythe Kama Bay. The other will go in the external air duct. One of the blue LED fans will replace the 80mm, the other in the 5.25" bay. Eventually I'll replace my other fans with the blue LED R4 series.

Also my GTX 260 doesn't match the rest of the components. The red side panel destroys it. I'll paint that black and take off the EVGA sticker. Sadly I can't do much about my green motherboard, other than replace it.

I also ordered a Galaxy dual slot 9800GT for $46, sadly it is on backorder until June 18th. This will make a nice replacement PhysX card, it has almost twice the stream processing cores as my 9600GT (64 vs 112).

I cleaned up cables a bit more as well. Maybe one day I'll grow a pair and paint the inside black like you did in your PC, poiZin :good:

Topic starter Posted : 29/04/2009 4:58 pm