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Thanks. I just got my windowed side panel from yahoo, since COOLER MASTER told me they will be on backorder until July from the CM Store. Sadly it was bent out of shape. In fact it was bent so bad it won't even mount. The packaging was the worst I've ever seen, a bent up brown shipping box with footprints on it (thanks UPS), and inside there was no product box, just the side panel and some foam inserts on each edge which obviously didn't help. The side panel was scratched up like they let a horde of cats loose on it and as I said earlier bent as if it were a light piece of plastic. The ATCS 840 itself came with very nice packaging. Whats with the cheap packaging on the side panel? Sadly I can't pick one up at a local hardware store, I'll have to order online AGAIN and watch it be FUBAR again.

Window installed, I bent it back into shape, sanded down a corner, and applied some paint to it.

Pics in first post now.

Topic starter Posted : 29/04/2009 4:58 pm