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Lhotse's Big Day for the Rebuild !  


Well, the day has come at last for an overhaul after 5 years on the old rig. I'd like to thank Enad in advance for hooking me up with some gear and advice and everyone else here for all the help for the years. I really am glad I never bought that iBUYPOWER rig that I originally posted here for comments and took the leap and built my own rig.

This is what it looks like now.... ( AMD Phenom II 1100T X6, ASUS Crosshair V Formula MB, Corsair Vengeance RAM, OCZ Vertex 4 250 GB SSD w/ a Western Digital 1.5 TB Caviar Black HDD, Corsair H100 watercooling loop and 2 x EVGA 3GB GTX 580's)


and this is what's going in...


I will post new pics when I'm done and if you never hear from me again...IT'S ALL ENAD'S FAULT ! 😀

Posted : 13/02/2017 1:41 pm