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Kitchen Folder.


On air, they stay @ or below 65c w/70-75% fan and the A/C on 80f. it just makes whatever room I put them in really warm.

I actually have a CM 590 ready for when I get around to putting the GPUs on water if I decide not to go with the Microwave cart Idea. I'm kinda getting attached to that though as it lets me keep the rig in the Kitchen without it looking really out of place. 😯 I'm in a 1 bedroom Apt and it's not going in the bedroom due to the heat and I already have 2 rigs in the living room. (Both on Water) 10 GPUs running full blast in that room makes for not fun TV time. LOL 6 is bearable. I've looked at a lot of cases and none are any better fits than the 590.My 9800GTX+ rig is in a 590 and it's an awesome case. My 8800GT rig is in a CM 690 and aside form the HDD bay, I'm really happy with it as well. I already have a Mobo tray from CM to mount in that Stand as well as a HDD cage w/120mm fan and all of the WC gear, so its really just a matter of getting motivated and breaking out the power tools. If I keep it in the Kitchen, I can also vent the exhaust out a protected window if the WC doesn't cool it off as much as I'd like.

Topic starter Posted : 25/05/2009 5:31 pm