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Kitchen Folder.


I had this Microwave cart not being used and my GTS250 rig won't fit in any case I have ATM, so I decided to drop it on there and see how it looks. I like it. I'll be adding WC to the GPUs in a few weeks and when I do, I'm moving the Mobo, PSU and HDD in the compartment below. I'll be modding the back for exhaust and to receive the Black Ice 240 rad. I'll update as it progresses.



The main goal for this is to get the 3 rigs separated so the living room doesn't get so hot. With just moving this rig to the Kitchen, the A/C is running a lot less and it's cooler in the living room where the other 2 rigs are now.

Topic starter Posted : 25/05/2009 5:31 pm