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How Many Case Fans Do You Use?

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poiZin wrote:
What are good fans comparible to tricools that arent as loud? I like the speed switch on them, but it isnt necessary for the rest.

The COOLER MASTER R4 series 120mm fans. I've actually seen them in person and I have four coming this week now. I have four Antec TriCool fans, two in each of my PCs. Eventually I'll replace all of my 120mm fans with the R4 series.


Blue LED


Green LED

They're quieter than the Antec TriCool fans and push more air, at a faster speed. You can really hear the motors on the Antec TriCool fans, and they only do what, 70 CFM? They're rated at 2000 RPM/80 CFM max, yet they only spin at 1850-1900 RPM so I'm guessing 70 CFM give or take. The CM R4 series spin at 1900-1950 RPM pushing 80-85 CFM.

These are even better (2500 RPM, 110 CFM), but very loud at faster speeds and use ball bearings. ... _1223.html

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