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How Many Case Fans Do You Use?

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s_tracey wrote:
I think mine has 4 LOL. Not bad for a stock case though. Better than my dad's dell which has only one!!! HAHA

My $200 case only came with 4 as well. The other mounts were there though, except for the 5.25" fan (zip tied the included fan brackets to the cage) and the one on the MOBO tray (stuck it to the tray with double sided tape and zip tied it to a very thick cable).

You're right, it depends on the rig you have so I'll allow you to make multiple votes. My Antec 300 rig has 5 fans.

2x 120mm Blue LED Front Intake Fans
1x 120mm Blue LED Side Intake Fan
1x 140mm Blue LED Top Exhaust Fan
1x 120mm Rear Exhaust Fan

So I am the winner (for now)! I hate how noisy Antec TriCool fans are. I bet they use ball bearings since they're so loud, better fans use sleeve bearings.

Topic starter Posted : 30/05/2009 7:03 pm