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X3 : Reunion Review


This is the Review of the third game of the X series. The purpose of this review is to help people find an interesting space game with lots of action, choices and fight. ( It is also a good choice for those who got bored of EVE. )

Developer : Egosoft ---> Original Website :
Publisher : Deep Silver ---> Original Website :
Genre : Science Fiction, Futuristic Space Action game



X3 Reunion features an excellent interface system which allows the player to easily control his/her ship, trade with a station, manage his/her property etc. In the game there are two main modes. The Custom mode lets you do whatever you want. You get assignments around the universe to earn recognition towards the various races that exist in the universe as well as making profit. The Campaign / Story mode is like every main story in other games. The player gets to experience first-hand the events taking place in the X Universe The main things someone does in this game is to Build, Trade, Fight and Think. These four things are essential.

1. Fight


Fighting is very usual in the game. In the beginning the player is given a small fighter ( M5 class ) and with it you can kill small foes. Killing enemies of a particular race/corporation/force will boost your friendship towards them so they will reward you with money or allow you to join their cause. If you become a valued friend to them they will allow you to purchase capital ships and stations.

2. Trade


Trading is one of the most important thing in x3. You need to be able to locate the best place to buy or sell something depending on the demand that exists in a sector. Sectors are aligned with Acceleration Gates so you cant fly directly from the one part to the universe to the other ( except if you have a jumpdrive ) so it is essential that you find the best place to make transactions that will have to be in your immediate sector and other sectors around it.

3. Build


Using your money well and by making good relations can help you build from vast factories and corporations to fleets led by Mother ships and Carriers, followed by thousands of fighters, missile frigates as well as mercenaries.

4. Think


The way to the top can only be assured if the player has a good plan on his/her mind. Utilizing these ideas will be one of the best ways to make the previous 3 things happen.


The player reprises the role of Julian Brennan - Julian Gardna from the previous game. Following on from events of the previous game, Julian's friend Ban Danna, of the Argon Secret Service, contacts Julian. Danna informs him that the Argon military has suffered heavy losses in war with the Khaak and asks Julian to help in training some new pilots. Julian agrees. Soon, a series of events unfold, leading Julian to hunt down the 'seeds' - ancient alien artifacts that may hold the key to making acceleration-gates, to a reunion with the lost planet Earth.


The races are:

1. Argon

Argon Pilot
Argon Collosus class Carrier
Argon Prime - Homeworld

They are descended from Terrans, but have been living disconnected from Earth for over 800 years. They have colonized many diverse worlds and formed a Federation that enjoys relatively peaceful, profitable relations with other races. Their capital is located in Argon Prime. The Argon Federation is democratic, with every city and space station/factory having its own senator. The leader of the Federation is known as the President, the holder of this position changes between games.

In the late 21st Century, Earth had begun to colonise space. To aid them, the Terrans created a fleet of terraforming drones to modify hostile planet environments into a habitable state for human colonisation. However, in 2146, following a software malfunction, the terraformers turned against their creators, and quickly overran and destroyed Earth's defenseless colonies, and, within a year, were ready to "Terraform" Earth. A small fleet, lead by Captain Nathan R. Gunne, engaged the Terraformers and managed to draw them away from Earth through an acceleration-gate, which was immediately destroyed afterwards, trapping both the Terraformer fleet, and Gunne's fleet, within the X Universe. Gunne's fleet were able to escape the Terraformers, and later crash-landed on a planet not too dissimilar from Earth, which is now known as Argon Prime, and founded the Argon Federation.

Over the centuries, the Argon forgot about Earth. Political reforms made all history of Earth restricted or lost to time, however the memory and legend of Earth may have been lost if it weren't for the Goner sect.

2. Boron

Boron Pilot
Boron Ray class Dreadnought
Kingdom End - Homeworld

They are aquatic creatures which have become one of the most technically advanced races in the X universe. They have had constant conflicts with the Split Dynasty since the end of the Boron Campaign with skirmishes on the Split-Boron border.[citation needed]

Their home sector is Kingdom End, located North-West of Argon Prime on the galactic map. The Boron Kingdom have an elected government and a Royal Family, headed by Queen Atreus, with her daughter Princess Menelaus is the heir apparent after the death of her husband, King Rolk, in a space cruiser accident.

The Boron are peaceful by nature but will defend themselves or fight in wars for the well being of themselves and their allies. They constantly have to repel minor attacks by Split pilots but they have developed many technologies to repel them.

The Boron were found by Argon Federation ships searching for Xenon sectors about 450 years before the events of X: Beyond the Frontier. The Split Dynasty had destroyed most of the Boron colonies, forcing them back to Kingdom End. The Argon helped repel an attack on the Boron home-world and officially entered the war themselves. The Paranid Empire sent ships to supplement Split Dynasty warships in an attack on Argon Prime. This war is now known as The Boron Conflict.

After The Boron Conflict, the Boron allied themselves with the Argon Federation and the two races formed the Foundation Guild. In response to this, the Paranid Empire and the Split Dynasty formed the Profit Guild, and accepted the Teladi Company at a later date.

3. Paranid

Paranid Pilot
Paranid Odysseus Class Dreadnought
Paranid Prime - Home Sector

They have a closed society based around the religious worship of "Xaar". Paranid have three eyes which, they believe, endows them with unique insight - and occasional cause of tensions between them and "lesser" two-eyed beings. They are a founding member of the Profit Guild. Their home planet resides in Paranid Prime.

Around 450 years before the events of X: Beyond the Frontier (X:BTF), the Paranid were allies with the Split Dynasty in a campaign against the Boron Kingdom. With their combined force, they razed the Boron Kingdom and drove the Boron back to their home-sector, Kingdom End. Their attack was finally halted by an Argon intervention over the Boron homeworld. In the following years, their conquests were reversed and the Split and Paranid were driven from Boron space. Finally a peace treaty was agreed. The Argon Federation and the Boron Kingdom soon solidified their alliance into the Foundation Guild. The Paranid Empire and Split Dynasty subsequently formed the Profit Guild, though there have still been many disagreements between the two races.

Paranid are physically strong, with an aptitude for science. They produce a number of high-tech goods, particularly including weapons technology. They tolerate trade with the other "lower life" races, but are culturally insular and do not encourage social contact with other races. Strangers are unwelcome in their sectors, and will typically be turned away, making it virtually impossible to befriend or even understand them. Non-Paranids are also forbidden to settle or live within Paranid colonys. The Paranid Empire is theocratic, with each Paranid sector is ruled by a 'Priest Duke' in the name of the Pontifex Maximus Paranidia - the Empereror of all Paranid. The inner-workings of their political systems are not well understood.

The Paranid are founding members of the Profit Guild, with the Teladi Company and the Split Dynasty. Although recently at peace with the Argon Federation and Boron Kingdom, their relations with the Argon often grow strained, especially after the appearance of the Kha'ak, with trade being the only real contact between the two races.

4. Split

Split Pilot
Split Raptor class Carrier
Family Pride - Homeworld

Split society is composed of distinct clans, or Families. Each family is fiercely competitive, establishing hierarchy through might, hegemony, alliance and conspiracy. No family is sacrosanct, as demonstrated when the formerly dominant 'Chin' family were overthrown by the 'Rhonkar' between X: Beyond the Frontier and X2: The Threat. Their home planet is situated in Family Pride.

About 450 years before the events of X: Beyond the Frontier, the Split Dynasty, with back up from the Paranid Empire, attacked the Boron Kingdom, destroying most Boron colonies and pushing them back to their homeworld of Kingdom End. The Argon Federation came to the aid of the Boron Kingdom, repelling Split attacks, and officially entered the war themselves. The Paranid Empire then launched a retaliatory attack against the Argon home sector, Argon Prime. Eventually, the Split Dynasty and Paranid Empire were overpowered, and conceded defeat in what was later to be known as The Boron Conflict. To this day, they still control large sections of former Boron Kingdom space.

The Split are physically strong, and very social status conscious. Their ships reflect their aggressive nature, which tend to be built around heavy weaponry, with defenses added only as an after-thought. Politically, the Split are dynastic, with each sector ruled by a dominant Family. Each Split, either through birth or allegiance, belong to a certain family. Minor families compete for status, favour, and resources, but ultimately all are loyal to the dominant family - For now, at least.

The Split are founding members of the Profit Guild, with the Teladi Company and the Paranid Empire. Although recently at peace with the Argon Federation and Boron Kingdom, relations are still very strained with the Boron, leading to skirmishes flaring up on the borders.

5. Teladi

Teladi Pilot
Teladi Albatross class Large Transporter
Seizewell - Homeworld

Everything the Teladi do is driven towards the cost and possible return. Most of the other races within the X universe view them as greedy and lazy, and some even consider them stupid, though this is mostly from those who have never traded with them. Because of this mentality, they enjoy good relations with most races, as war would generally cause damage to their profits. They were also the last species in the Community of Planets to develop space travel technology.

The Teladi Company is led by a Chairman, with the current chairman being Ceo. The Teladi company is not a member of the Universe Transport Regulations group, so it is legal to buy, sell, and consume Space Weed and Space Fuel in Teladi sectors without police intervention. SQUASH mines are also tradable in their sectors. Due to their liberal view of trade regulations, the Teladi Company has long been linked to Pirate activity.

The Teladi are a member of the Profit Guild, along with the Paranid Empire and Split Dynasty, although they are not a founding member. Due to their reptilian nature, the Teladi are also the only species to be entirely female. The Teladi home world resides in the sector Seizewell.

5. Terrans

Terran Pilot
Well...look in a mirror xD
Terran Valhalla class Mothership ( 8km long 0.o )
Earth - Homeworld ( The planet is a picture taken from the X3 Terran Conflict, a newer better version of X3. )

The Terrans are the inhabitants of Earth and the Solar System. They are a technologically advanced race, and although they are genetically identical to the Argon, they are highly suspicious of all other races, including the Argon. They have been connected to the X universe's gate system in the past, however have remained isolated since the Terraformer War which almost destroyed Earth.

The Terrans are responsible for the creation of the Xenon. When the Terrans originally joined the X universe's gate system, they sent a fleet of terraforming drones to create habitable environments for human colonisation. However, a software malfunction turned the Terraformers against the Terrans, attacking and destroying the human colonies, and within a year, launched an attack on Earth to "Terraform" it. A captain named Nathan R. Gunne engaged the Terraformers, and led them through Earth's jumpgate that connected the Terrans to the X universe. Once the Terraformers were led through the gate, it was immediately destroyed, trapping the Terraformers and Nathan R. Gunne's fleet within the X universe, preventing any return to Earth.

Hundreds of years later, the Terrans developed a gate-less jump drive system, which was fitted to the X-perimental Shuttle. This was piloted by Kyle Brennan, the main player character of X: Beyond the Frontier. During a malfunction, the X-perimental shuttle mis-jumped and stranded Kyle Brennan in the Teladi home sector Seizewell. After managing to repair his ship and establish contact with the Argon Federation, and befriending the Goners Kyle was able to convince the Commonwealth of Planets to lead an offensive against the Xenon. After destroying the Xenon's M0 class ship, he founded Terracorp, using the funds of the company to develop the Jumpdrive and Transporter Device in a hope of finding some way back to Earth.

During the events of X3: Reunion, a Paranid Empire experiment in jumpgate building in the sector Heretic's End, which was hijacked by Julian Brennan, Kyle Brennan and a Goner Thomas, led to the re-connection of Earth to the X universe. This prompted the Terrans to believe a Terraformer attack was imminent, sending multiple warships through the gate to protect Earth from any possible threat. While the gate was being reconnected, the Kha'ak launched a third offensive in to Commonwealth of Planets space, however the arrival of the Terran fleet in Heretic's End brought a quick defeat to the Kha'ak fleet. In the time between X3: Reunion and X3: Terran Conflict, the Terrans had annexed Heretic's End from the Paranid Empire with little contest, and moved the jumpgate from Earth orbit to the Asteroid Belt to better prevent any unauthorised ships from entering Earth orbit.

During the events of X3: Terran Conflict, the Terrans are attacked within the Solar System for the first time since the Terraformer War by the Xenon, the evolutionary descendants of the Terraformers. This prompts an investigation into the Commonwealth of Planets, and during a patrol through Argon Federation space, original Terraformer ships are encountered. The Terrans believe that these ships are being manufactured somewhere within the Commonwealth of Planets, which is later found to be done by the Family Zyarth of the Split Dynasty. When a Family Zyarth scientist is captured, he reveales that one of the original Terraformer creators, Winters, had survived the war, and was manipulating the Xenon from a lost Terran colony, Aldrin. When the Terrans jump to Aldrin, it is revealed that a single Terraformer CPU, DECA, ship did not have the disastrous software malfunction that other Terraformer CPU ships received, however this was being manipulated by Winters against the Aldrin colonists will. DECA is re-captured, however Winters escapes. Later, the Terrans re develop the technology to create jump gates, and link the systems once lost to the Terraformer War back to the Solar System, prompting a new age of rediscovery and expansion.

6. Xenon

Xenon Pilot
Non existent. They are machines xD
Xenon J class Carrier
Xenon Homeworld
Not defined

They are the only non-biological race within the X universe, being descendants of the Terraformer fleet sent out from Earth by the Terrans, being self-replicating AI ships.

They are a plague unto the X universe, and are somewhat of an enigma to the Community of Planets. They have no contact with any other race, though there are rumours of the Split Dynasty having made contact with them in the past. They do not use any known currency, if any, and have no apparent interest in technology or trade with other races. They have no known home planet, if any, despite many attempts to locate one, and it is unknown the size of the territory they control. Possible Xenon sectors are marked with a question mark, and a warning given to any who dare try to enter that space.

The Terrans are to blame for the creation of the Xenon. During early exploration of the gate system by Earth vessels, Terraforming ships were sent to the planets discovered to create habitable environments. A software malfunction turned the Terraformers against their creators, destroying most colonies and ships within the known universe. When the Terraformers attacked Earth, a captain named Nathan R. Gunne led the remaining Terraformer vessels through a jump gate into the X universe, which was destroyed after the last ships had left, trapping Nathan R. Gunne and the Terraformers within the gate network with no possible return to Earth.

Over time, the Terraformers evolved and adapted to their situation, however it is unknown if they retain their original function to terraform, or if they're now purely for seek and destroy. Whatever their function today, they still are mostly known for their actions of shooting first and not bothering to ask questions later.

7. Khaak

Khaak Pilot
Not Defined
Khaak Dreadnought
Khaak homeworld
Not Defined

The Khaak first appeared in X2: The Threat, where they were the main antagonists. They have no allies, and are hostile to all races. As of today, there has been no communication from the Khaak. They are a Hive-Minded society, where the individual exists to serve the hive. Each and every Khaak will sacrifice their life without question or hesitation.

Their first official appearance was during a sudden and unprecedented attack in the Argon Federation sector, President's End, completely eradicating the sector. The next major Khaak offensive was against another Argon Federation sector, Omicron Lyrae, using a M0 Mothership sized vessel in an attempt to destroy the planet. This offensive was thwarted by the Argon Federation navy, with help from the Julian Brennan and allies.

In the events of X3: Reunion, the reason for their attacks is revealed. They are an advanced race living outside of the X universe's closed gate network, living in and around asteroids rich in the resource known as Nividium. Some time in the past, a ship from the Paranid Empire arrived in a Khaak sector, and began mining the Nividium-rich asteroids. This prompted a relatiatory attack from the Khaak, attacking indescriminantly, since they saw no difference between the alien races. This information is revealed by Kyle Brennan, the original player character in X: Beyond the Frontier. During X2: The Threat, he is captured by the Khaak after examining a Nividium-rich asteroid in Nyana's Hideout, which was where the legendary ship the AP Gunner was later discovered. He is rescued during the attack on Omycron Lyrae, and remains in a coma until mid-way through X3: Reunion.

8. Sohnen

Little is known of this race. ( I haven't seen them personally )


Minimum System Requirements

1.7 GHz or equivalent
512 MB
Video Memory:
128 MB
Hard Drive Space:
4000 MB

Recommended System Requirements

2.4 GHz or equivalent
1024 MB
Video Memory:
256 MB
Hard Drive Space:
4000 MB



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