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Thermaltake Soprano Black Widow Case Review

Leveling Up

Nice review RC! And thanks for posting! I learned a lot just in that one review. Thanks man!


Topic starter Posted : 12/04/2009 1:58 pm

looks real nice but it's not the best u can buy at this price .. you're pretty much paying for the name

Posted : 11/03/2011 11:21 am
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yeahhhh thats not the black widow case! sorry dont know what you baught at best buy but they gave you the wrong box there homie! i for one have the black widow which its named for having a red 7 inch led fan in the front with a mesh aluminum grill and 2 10 inch fans on the side and the top with and all aluminum case! its still a mid tower case, and ill post a link for my case when i have five post's for this forum. but like i said you got had man goggle the real black widow case guys its much more stylish and has better room for cables i can put all mine out of the way at the bottom next to the power supply and there is a little hook where you can hang smaller wires for the led lights and power switch and reset switch right on top of the disk drive housing. its actually a pretty sweet case! i got it from new egg like a week after it came out and it was 75$ and came with a extra 4 inch red led fan because i got it on a monday madness deal breaker from new egg! pretty sweet deal if you ask me and i got maximum air flow with the 5 case fans that come with it including 2 10 fans running at 2900 rpm 1 intake and 1 outtake and i got 1 7 inch intake in the from with the red led which is why its named the black widow in the first place and i have 2 5 inch fans in the back both outtakes and of course the extra 4 incher that came with the case that i have currently taking up a pci slot and keeping my 5670 nice and cool while overclocked at 1020/1220, this is a great review about what ever case he has but its not the black widow at all! lik ei said i would post pics i have of it but i need more post's in order to post links! just google black widow case in google and find my pictures on photobucket you cant miss the real one it actually looks like a black widow! still dont know what case this is! sorry guys you been had

Posted : 11/08/2011 8:51 pm