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Roku Netflix/Amazon Digital download player review.


While this isn't Computer related exactly, I thought it would be a great item for a review as not many sites have done so to date and I find the Roku a very nice addition to my daily digital life. I bought mine in mid January before Amazon had jumped on board with their huge selection of digital entertainment media. Even with the somewhat limited selection available at the time from Netflix, It was a great purchase for me. I don't watch a lot of Weekly television shows. I was getting sick of paying almost $60.00 a month for 10-20 hours a month of actual Cable viewing. With this $99.99 purchase and my sub-$10.00/month Netflix account, I was able to watch a decent selection of old and new movies, TV shows, Documentaries, etc. And now that Amazon has jumped on board with their instant view rental and purchase selection, it's just incredible.

The Roku Player itself is very easy to set up. It has options for Wireless G or Cat 5 connection to your Modem/router. I've never had any Bandwidth issues even with the Wireless G connection and only when one several of my 11 [email protected] Clients upload while I'm watching do I ever see any delay in the buffering of even HD movies or series. Add that it has connections for HDMI, S-Video, RCA and more, your options for what you connect it to are nice for the price.

Do I recommend the Roku Player? Oh, without a doubt. If you watch a lot of cable TV, this alone isn't for you. It is, however, a very nice and relatively inexpensive addition to any entertainment system. If you watch a very limited amount of weekly TV, I highly recommend this item. Your costs are completely controlled by you after the initial Player Purchase. Watch any of the Selections offered by Netflix and pay nothing but your monthly sub (Under 10 bucks). If you decide to, you can rent or purchase movies/series/etc from Amazon for instant viewing in both Standard Definition or in many cases, HD. Just be aware that the HD versions are slightly higher in both Rental Charges or Purchase Prices.

Just a final note, after about 2 months, the selection @ Netflix will start to seem rather limited. They do still add titles to the selection, but at a slower rate than what I'd like. Again, the Amazon addition makes that a moot point if you don't mind rental fees ranging from $1.99/episode(Standard Def) to $2.99/episode (HD) (with discounts for full season purchases) and purchase prices ranging from under 10 bucks and up for digital purchases of offered movies. You can even Subscribe for the full season of a show in progress as I did with Heroes and they will be billed to your account weekly and added to your library on your player immediately. My biggest complaint thus far is the very limited Live Music titles I've found available. Hopefully, that will be addressed soon.

Full view of my Personal Entertainment System.[/center:1c8vxxc7]


Front view of the Roku Player.[/center:1c8vxxc7]


Back view of the Roku Player.[/center:1c8vxxc7]


My Wireless N Rosewill Router.[/center:1c8vxxc7]


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