Phonton 4G SmartPhone review  


Ok so... I am gonna try to make a review for the smartphone I have... just note it took me a while to get this information So here we go hope you enjoy!

comes with a 4.3-inch qHD display
1 GHz dual-core CPU
1 GB of RAM
16 GB of storage memory
multitouch display
metal kickstand
HDMI-output support

Addition Information:
first Tegra-powered super phone on Sprint’s 4G network
3G and 4G capable, international GSM capabilities
HD video capture and playback
HD video, web browsing and gaming via HDMI out to your HDTV
Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
8 MP auto-focus, rear-facing camera with dual LED flash and front-facing camera for video chat
3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability
Bluetooth controller support
Access to more than 200,000 useful applications, widgets and games on Google Play Store

This phone is a very reliable phone. I use it for everything: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, games, music. I recently just move 1250 pictures from my phone to my computer, the phone was 6.62 GB free with all those pictures, Services wise its good really hadn't ever lost service unless on the plane when it's off.



I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading!

Posted : 10/12/2012 6:49 pm


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