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iBuyPower IBP-Z001 Water Cooler - UPDATED 04/23

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strudinox wrote:
What do the temps get to say if you are running Prime or Orthos? Glad the compound did the trick for ya. I'm also looking for a good cooler, so if I do get this one, I'll have to remember to replace the stock TIM.

During IntelBurnTest, which is much more stressful than Prime95 (CPU temps are at least 10 degrees higher than testing with Prime95), temps are between 55-60 degrees Celsius (60 being max). I use a very cheap fan as well, the default one is much better. I'd like to see what some OCZ Freeze would do, as well as a pair of high quality Scythe fans (one on the outside).

Max Prime95 temps were 53 degrees Celsius.

Topic starter Posted : 14/04/2009 9:30 pm