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Drive Imaging Software Reviewed

Leveling Up

Keep in mind that my reviews come from the perspective of an end user, not a trained IT kind of person. I have absolutley no background training in any of this, but learn by trial and error. But I think reviews posted by folks who are average end users are more insightful and valuable than thos eposted by folks who are quite experienced in these things.
I read a review of this type of software recently done by an experienced review reporter. He said it was merely minutes rather than hours to get things right. I think that is a truism for people with his experience level, but what about me? I'm the guy who will start to solve a problem, but run into three more on the way to getting to the solution. It is NEVER as easy as a one step solution.
One problem I didn't mention in the above review, that I had to trouble shoot through is that there never were any issues with my drives that were in RAID. After several attempts to install Windows onto the new drive and having no success even in formating it, and messages that said the drive was bad, I found that my problem was never my drives. It turned out to be a bad SATA cable. You never read about that stuff in the typical review articles. But it is the kind of thing that happens every time I do something with my computers that requires more than pushing the power button.
After my experiences with both programs I am now a fan of Acronis, although I think ShadowProtect would work, if I could just fogure it out.
I will be buying the Acronis product.

Topic starter Posted : 14/04/2009 6:35 am