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Amped Wireless R20000G Router review  


Amped Wireless R20000G review

The Amped Wireless R20000G is Amped Wireless's latest High-Power Dual Band Router. It features a Powerful 600mW output, 5dBi antennas, powerful 620Mhz processor for computing networking commands, Wireless-N 300+300 MIMO, Dual band 2.4/5Ghz, Robust firewall, Local and Internet USB sharing, Wireless Multi Media (enhances delivery of multimedia content over the network such as games, audio/video streaming, VoIP, and more) and more.

The R20000G was extremely easy to setup. 3 steps and in 2 minutes and I was online. It took another minute to configure my WiFi preferences and another for the router to reboot to complete that. All done in 5 minutes. The setup wizard is very well written and detailed.

Features that are nice:
Please note: for screenshots please click here to launch the gallery:

Wireless Networks:
The R20000G features 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless networks. You can have up to 4 guest networks per band as well as having different security settings for each network. The R20000G also features very detailed management for all those like bandwidth limitations, isolation, etc.
The R20000G also features Advanced QoS settings so you can give more bandwidth to devices like servers, DVRs, network cameras, game consoles, etc.
USB sharing:
The R20000G has local and internet USB sharing. It is very easy to setup and it is very convenient to have this, as I have a pen drive with frequently installed programs for client installs as well as ease of installing software on new systems.
You can segment and isolate your network to keep certain people from accessing certain computers to make sure that the kids won’t find some naughty things or if you don’t want the marketing team to have access to development team’s computers. This comes in handy for complex environments and also networks with lots of computers.
Access Scheduling:
You can configure the R20000G to shut off the wireless network at certain times of the day to make sure the kids don’t stay up all night online or to shut off the Wi-Fi at your business after-hours.
Website blocking:
You can block certain sites on your network so people don’t go to malicious sites or to filesharing/adult sites (if you run a business)
DDoS protection:
You can configure the R20000G to protect against DDoS attacks. If someone gets mad at you in your self-hosted game server or if you are using P2P applications I highly recommend activating this!
Dynamic DNS:
You can configure a Dynamic DNS provider so you can access your server or network cameras or remote desktop from a friendly domain name rather than having to remember your IP address all the time when it changes.


Wireless performance: I got very good performance throughout my odd mixed construction house. My house was built and renovated through the 1910s the 1970s and a few years ago and it’s always a construction zone with materials ranging from thick plaster to drywall for the walls, lots of metal used in the dropped ceilings with fluorescent lights, thick staircasing, thick floors in some areas, and I got big metal doors. I get solid 5 bars within the confines of the house (1800sq ft) and 4-5 bars 34dBm @ 100% on my back porch and at the mailbox across the street I get 4 bars. I can even walk 100 some feet down the road and still stream videos in HD! I can walk around 200 some feet away and play SD videos. Reading for that: 225ft down the road from the R20000G about 3-4 houses down -67dBm @ 86%
Please note: These readings were taken with the Amped Wifi analytics tool from Google Play.

Xbox Live Performance: No disconnections! They played Dead Space 3 for 4 whole days. Also on Black Ops 2: Zombies the performance was excellent… maintained full green bars through hours of play! Both Xboxes were wireless.

USB Performance: Transfer rates were around 3.5-4.5MBps within the LAN and the same over the WAN.

Streaming performance:
Streaming laptop 1 (Atheros wireless G)
Was able to stream HD videos 125 ft away and SD videos 215ft away. Very impressed.
Streaming laptop 2 (Realtek wireless N)
Was able to stream HD 1080p videos 175-180 ft away and HD 720p videos 214ft away and SD videos 325ft away. Very impressed.


• Hardcore coverage!
• Easy setup
• Lots of features
• Dual band
• Guest networks
• Local and Internet USB sharing
• Good QoS options
• Very good firewall
• Static DHCP
• Ships with UPNP and WPS disabled (a good thing to have good security)

• Somewhat slow USB transfer speed in comparison to direct USB connection
• No print server

Overall rating 9.5/10

Recommended: Yes!

Posted : 27/03/2013 9:00 pm