Which disrto to use...
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Which disrto to use?

Leveling Up

RC, look at the CoolerMaster Store. I bought 2 CM 590's from them for under 38 bucks (+ Shipping) and they came in like from the factory new. Theres a whole slew of different cases in different price ranges.

CoolerMaster Store

There are also refurb HeatSinks etc there and the store is much more customer oriented than most Company stores. Also of note, I made 2 purchases from the TT Store and what I got in was exactly what they got returned. There was still TIM on the bottom of the Water blocks, green corrosion in the blocks, etc. All of the items I have bought from the CM store have been in like new condition if not OEM or new factory packed.

Topic starter Posted : 06/04/2009 2:15 pm