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MpoweR wrote:
It is more based for old people rather than teenagers or programers or gamers or any other sort of people that want more "freedom" rather than something that is 80% restricted...

So the conclusion would be that it is based for elder people or people over 40 years old that want to check their mail only, look up so stuff on the NET and write a document for work....

For us guys.... its Windows all the way 😉

Elder people....? You mean us OLDER people, older that 40 that remember the tsr 80, vic commodore, and apple 2. Us old people that saw wolfenstein when it first came out, doom and quake too.

Yah us elder people. The ones that helped create the "scene" that you enjoy today.... 😉

I do however agree totally with you about the possible negative outcomes of allowing my data to be "cloud" hosted. I don't care how much they go on about security, all it takes is once and you are screwed, and worse off a serious failure of access to the "cloud" could cost you dearly in a professional sense.

Topic starter Posted : 21/11/2009 3:11 pm