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Problem with a Q6600


LOL I think you got the 780i I RMAd to the Egg. that's exactly what mine did. Never did figure it out. I have another one with the same exact issue here that I bought from the EVGA Ebay store. Something was DOA and it wasn't the CPU as it's running strong on my 780i FTW now.

Innitially, it would start to Post. It actually did post 3 times and loaded into windows. Shut it down to add the 2nd Ram Stick and it never booted again even when I removed everything and put it back exactly like the time it booted fine.. It started to get the Red Light of death and eventually just got to where it would power on and nothing else. Both 780i's were doa's, but the egg let me "trade up" to the FTW version for the difference and the first one of those had a dead PCIe slot (naturally the top one). I'll not be buying any more 7XX mobos.

Topic starter Posted : 18/03/2009 7:33 pm