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i5 and i7 reviews!

Jester wrote:
If you plan on upgrading your video cards, and running SLI or CF, the X58 is the absolute best choice at the moment. I can't see why anyone would get an i7 860 (or higher) and a > $200 P55 motherboard, when you can get an i7 920 and a decent or good X58 motherboard for the price. X58 is more future proof, and has slightly better CPUs.

Seeing how i only paid $116 for my mobo and i kind of broke even on the price between cpu and ram. I don't have to buy more mounting hardware either. I can care less for SLI or CF because I fold and barely game. So I can care less for the 8x pci-e speeds. I don't care for the 300 series card now (seeing how they're going be EXPENSIVE and glitchy).

Topic starter Posted : 08/09/2009 5:53 am