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[WCC] VIDIA GeForce GTX 1180 PCB Test Prototype Board Leaks– 12 GB GDDR6

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DDR6 seems nice.

There are a couple of things we get to see straightaway on this next-generation graphics board. It looks like NVIDIA already has test boards for upcoming GeForce graphics cards and it looks unlike anything we have seen before. The PCB has a couple of key features which include:

12 GB GDDR6 Memory
384-bit Memory Bus Interface
Three 8 Pin Power Connectors
One 2nd Gen NVLINK Connector.

Starting off with the memory, we have a total of 12 memory chips which have the 8BA77 D9WCW part number. According to the Micron spec sheet, these parts are 8Gb dies with 14 GB/s memory speeds. This means that we are looking at 12 GB of GDDR6 memory along a 384-bit bus interface. Based on our previous memory bandwidth estimates, the board will output 672 GB/s of bandwidth which is far more than any consumer grade GeForce graphics card available right now.

We also see the memory arrangement to be on the right side of the GPU itself rather than starting from the middle. This could just be a test board layout or it might be a final design. The GPU isn’t on the PCB but based on the ball grid array size and dimensions, this is definitely for a new GPU which will be heading out to gamers very soon.

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