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The GTR Tech GT3 Chassis (4inch wide gaming PC chassis)


That's right.. I even got to build a system up in one of these in December before it was on the market. Quite an interesting design, definitely awesome to look at and wonder how everything fits in there. Amazing for LAN Parties. Make sure you do cable management, as there is not much room for airflow inside. Since I have played with it the guy has added some air intakes which is good. It has a slimline optical drive as well. Fits an ATX board! The power supply was 300 when I tested it, I believe he bumped it to 367 or around there so it will now accept more variety of GPU's. All in all, now that it is complete I am going to try to pick one up just because it was one of the coolest cases I have seen.

Let me know what you think!

Topic starter Posted : 27/05/2009 12:25 pm