NVIDIA PhysX goes DirectCompute, support for AMD graphics acceleration!  

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Excellent news. PhysX is no longer CUDA only, there will now be a DirectCompute version which is part of DX11/DX12.

And it might actually be FASTER than the CUDA version on NVIDIA cards.

PhysX Flex, Flow, Cloth and Destruction now support standard DirectX compute shaders, allowing for full GPU acceleration on AMD hardware from Amd

Hopefully this means GPU PhysX will become a standard for future games. It is by far the best, most capable, most realistic physics engine, and GPU acceleration means they can use far more effects with less performance hit, since physics processing is much more efficient on GPUs than CPUs.

The downside is, DirectCompute is a DirectX thing so it won't be part of Vulkan games. OpenCL would be better since it can be implemented into all games, and OpenCL is designed around parallelism and would likely be more efficient, more fast on AMD cards and NVIDIA Volta cards (and future cards after Volta). Perhaps OpenCL is in the future once Volta comes out?

Posted : 06/03/2017 1:59 pm