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NVIDIA GeForce GT300 Specifications

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Nvidia's next generation chip will have 512 instead of 240 SPs.

As we, in cooperation with the news page Brightsideofnews could bring in experience, is NVIDIA's next-generation chip, GT300, on lush 512 shader units. This corresponds to the GT200 a quantitative increase of 113 percent and is thus more than doubling the same.

On the Formation of the shader units, it is stated that 32 per shader clusters instead of 24 Stream Processors and will give the number of shader cluster itself in 10 to 16 increased. Also installed Nvidia Next 8 TMUs per shader cluster, so the GT300 128 residues instead of 80 TMUs available.

GT300 itself packs 16 groups with 32 cores - yes, we're talking about 512 cores for the high-end part. This number itself raises the computing power of GT300 by more than 2x when compared to the GT200 core. Before the chip tapes-out, there is no way anybody can predict working clocks, but if the clocks remain the same as on GT200, we would have over double the amount of computing power.
If for instance, nVidia gets a 2 GHz clock for the 512 MIMD cores, we are talking about no less than 3TFLOPS with Single-Precision. Dual precision is highly-dependant on how efficient the MIMD-like units will be, but you can count on 6-15x improvement over GT200.


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For those of you who don't know, these cards will use GDDR5 memory and apparently a 512 bit bus width. They will also be built on the 40nm process to keep costs down a little bit, as well as improving efficiency and decreasing the amount of heat the chipset produces. They support CUDA 3.0, DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.1 and OpenCL.

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