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Intel To Shutdown AMD or....


well, im suspicious of the whole thing because of the notion of intel reaching out to amd like a friend, all of a sudden, and wanting to work things out. thats like the ex girlfriend from hell that made your life miserable when you broke up and then 5 years later she comes back and says lets work this out?!?!? its just that weird. these guys were at each others throats not that long ago. why does amd just ignore them??? is it cause they know they have the upper hand??? or that they have some superior tech under wraps that we dont know about??? kinda like athlon 64, part deux??? id love to see it!!! if they put out somethin that good i would go home again, back to amd. i think they like playin the underdog and bein counted out. although they played it so long now that there goin broke!!! and a Intel monopoly would just be evil in full form!!! 👿

Topic starter Posted : 17/03/2009 6:09 pm