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GTX 680 Reviews

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So now that the GTX 680 is out, reviews are popping up everywhere. Take a look.

It outperformed the 7970 overall, while costing less and using less power. This is really sad actually - the 7970 was supposed to be AMD's flagship single GPU hence the $550 price tag. However, this GTX 680 was supposed to be a mid grade GPU. The GK104 nomenclature depicts this (similar to the GF114 and GF104, or GTX 560 Ti/GTX 560 and GTX 460) as well as the sub 200W TDP and smaller memory bus width than the GTX 580. Thankfully memory bandwidth is about the same as the GTX 580, due to the insanely high memory clock (1500 MHz, 6000 MHz effective).

Nevertheless NVIDIA saw AMD's disappointment as an oppurtunity and used it. Hopefully the GTX 680 falls to below $400 within the next few months after GK110 comes out, and the GK110 single GPU will cost under $600.

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Topic starter Posted : 22/03/2012 10:17 am