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EVGA Testing New Card!  

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This thread is receiving a lot of attention on the EVGA forums, so I thought I'd post it here for those of you who don't have an account there.

Anyway EVGA showed some blurred out pics of a testing rig. No this is NOT one of the upcoming EVGA power supplies. If you look at the cables, you'll see Silverstone trademarks on them.


Look at the GPU-Z screenie.


I know I know, mind blowing clock speeds (993/2102/1380). But also look at the Memory Size and bus width. 1024 MB, 512 bit. Those are the same specs as the GTX 280/285. Clock speeds are the same as the GTX 285 (648/1476/1242, compared to the normal 295 which is 576/1242/999). So this is EVGA's version of the Mars! Further proof is here, look at the device ID in the photo above. Compare it to the ASUS Mars. They're the same! :yahoo:


Device ID: 10DE - 05E0. I can make this compatible with the Crysis games easily 😎

Lets hope this won't cost $1700!

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Topic starter Posted : 27/06/2009 10:29 am