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EVGA Precision X and OC Scanner X

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Looks like these EVGA softwares got a nice overhaul. The user interface has undergone thorough changes, especially Precision X which now looks completely different. I like it a lot.



The real-time gauge/monitor on Precision X is awesome. Apart from the UI and hardware support, the program is more or less the same. Hitting the Test button launches EVGA OC Scanner if you have it installed, and automatically puts it in a default test mode. For those who don't know, EVGA did add GPU voltage tuning support via VoltageTuner, an integral part of Precision X.

Now onto OC Scanner X. The UI changes are a little bit less significant, but very nice nonetheless.

Here is EVGA NV-Z, an integral part of the OC Scanner and very similar to GPU-Z.

OC Scanner X has three test modes - first the original Furry test. This is a heavy GPU stress tester.

Next is the Tessy test, an even more stressful GPU test thanks to DX11 tessellation. This test also supports FXAA in the settings.

To top it off, a basic CPU burner module is included. You can set the amount of threads your CPU has, so it won't be limited to a certain amount.

I'm liking what I see. Precision X is an excellent all-in-one GPU monitoring, overclocking, and overvolting tool. It is complete with on-screen display, screen capture (and you can choose BMP, PNG, and JPG), and other great features. Hopefully EVGA adds video capture to it, which its cousin MSI Afterburner has however Afterburner fails to record sound. OC Scanner X is the best GPU stress tester out there, which says a lot. It has a variety of tests, as well as great monitoring features, a benchmark tool, and even a CPU stress tester. Both are highly recommended.

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