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Corsair Building Cases! The 800D

BOT Admin

Here is a video.


1) Air flow seems bad, primarily for CPU/GPU.

2) Once again, steel construction primarily, on a $300 case...

3) Only 3 internal hard drives. Being internal and mounting sideways helps for cable management.

4) Only 7 expansion slots, none are ventilated.

5) $300

Only 5 negatives? Not bad, but then again it was just a video.


1) Cool internal layout.

2) All black goes good with this case.

3) PSU dust filter slides out from the REAR, unlike my ATCS 840 and the Cosmos S.

4) 360 rad can fit on top

5) Large

6) Great cable management

7) Cut out on the MOBO to access a CPU cooler/water block's backplate, but it didn't look as large as on my ATCS 840 so it may not match up perfectly with all MOBOs.

The case should cost $150. Seeing as how it is double that, I have one word for this case.


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Topic starter Posted : 02/06/2009 6:47 pm