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COOLER MASTER has announced a new mid tower case in the Storm series. They recently introduced the Storm Sniper case which has been praised for many things such as it's unique design, air flow, and ease of use. The new Storm Scout is following the same path.


CM Storm deploys Scout, the True LAN Gaming Chassis. Mobility, security and 20 years of advanced technology converge in one rugged portable mid-tower chassis. Every Scout is engineered with Storm Tactics: a dedicated focus on Strength, Security and Control. The Scout blends into the darkness with a menacing all black interior showcasing your internal hardware.

An automotive tinted side window with dual fan exhaust brings efficient cooling with subtle transparency. A single button triggers stealth mode deactivating cooling fan LEDs. This covert outlook is complimented by innovative internal designs allowing swapping CPU coolers without motherboard removal. Inside, intelligent cable management maximizes space while supporting internal 2.5" and 1.8" SSD bays. On top, a rugged, steel reinforced handle allows the Scout to be easily wielded in a single hand.

The Scout has been built around a solid steel body, and comes equipped with a 140mm front intake fan, as well as 140mm top and 120mm rear exhaust fans, providing an accurate airflow to efficiently manage the heat from your gaming hardware. The aggressive window side panel, with its dark automotive tint, provides mounting locations for yet another 2 x 120mm fans to deal with thermal hotspots from over-clocked CPUs and GPUs.

The Scout has been fortified even further with the patented StormGuard™ accessory; this unique and widely acclaimed security solution from the CM Storm Labs consists of a specially designed PCI-bracket located at the rear of the chassis body. By locking your peripherals and side panel firmly in place, Storm Tactics and the StormGuard™ will protect your PC and gaming gear from thieves and other thuggish individuals whenever you are AFK. Never again return to your seat at a LAN-party, only to find that some villain has grabbed your gaming mouse and headset, or even worse, your entire system.

The most attention-grabbing feature of the Scout is found right on the top of the chassis. These sturdy, reinforced carrying handles make mobilization and relocation to your next LAN-party an extremely easy task. The carrying handle is inspired by assault rifle charging handles.

Moving to the front of the Scout, the I/O panel offers not only extensive connectivity through eSATA, FireWire, HD Audio and a whopping four USB2.0 ports, but it also sports an integrated LED-switch, letting you decide exactly when to show off the red lights and the menacing all black interior, and when to go into stealth mode and chill out in the dark with your favorite movies.

Specifications: 19.2" x 8.6" x 19.5"

Cooling System:

  • Front: 1x 140mm red LED intake fan (included)[/*2mbecjaz]
  • Side: 2x 120mm fan (optional)[/*2mbecjaz]
  • Top: 1x 140mm exhaust fan (included)[/*2mbecjaz]
  • Rear: 1x 120mm red LED exhaust fan (included) [/*2mbecjaz]

Expansion Slots: 7





Official CM Storm Scout Website

Official CM Storm Website

Review (legitreviews)

Release Date: 05/05/09

MSRP: $109.99

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