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Yeah, I've only bought the 590s from them as far as cases. they're about 30 bucks cheaper than the egg and the shipping is about the same. The prices on the Cosmos are stellar as well. Cosmos S Black for under 100 bucks is a pretty good deal. If any of them were a better fit for 4 GTS 250s on a P6N Diamond, I'd already have one on the way, but I haven't found any cases that have enough room below the bottom Mobo Slot to take either a dual slot cooler or one of my LC Blocks without crashing the PSU or the bottom of the case. That's why I'm probably going to rig my own as its for 24/7 folding anyway and I can design it around good airflow, quiet operations and porbably so it holds 2 folding rigs. I've already orders the Mobo tray, HD cage w/fan and the front io plate

Topic starter Posted : 20/03/2009 7:30 pm