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I'm a huge Cooler Master Case Fan. I have 2 CM 590 Centurions and a CM 690. I love the bottom placement of the PSU and their Tool less Designs. Air Flow is also incredible in any Cooler Master Case I've ever owned. I've debated getting one of these for my 4th rig, but too many lights for me, and it just wouldn't look right without them.

It is a sweet case though.

If you're in the market for a case and like the way Cooler Master Makes cases, Check out The Cooler Master Store for some awesome deals on Refurbs. I've bought 2 cases so far that were refurbs from this site and you'd swear they were brand new. Packaged in Retail packaging which for Cooler Master is Litho and foam galore. Anywho, Just saw they added a HAF932 and ATSC840 recently.

Topic starter Posted : 20/03/2009 7:30 pm