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Remember, here soon (from what I read) renedering will be almost completely on the GPU. Make sure you get a decent GPU for when that happens. Working with large Cad Files and PDFs at work (I work in the Engineering Department of a Shipbuilding Firm 280'-400' OSV and AHTS Offshore Vessels) we are all looking forward to when Cuda starts being used for Adobe and mainly AutoCad and Ship Constructer as it will take a huge load off our rigs. From my experiences, a GTS250 should do perfectly. Right Now, PDFs really work the CPU and hog ram like nuts. I don't think moving to Cuda will take too much off the System ram so as stated above, get good and fast ram and lots of it. Just another note, verify with him what all programs he uses as AutoCad and Shipconstructer both have issues with 64bit Vista. They work, but they crash a good bit too. ( I KNow you said PDF's mainly, but just things to keep in mind when deciding on the OS as well.)

Topic starter Posted : 16/05/2009 9:33 pm