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[1753] EVGATech_JacobF:
Ok, lets start, onto the first question...
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[1823] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Blazen22 Say I have a GTX 295; is it worth the money to use a 9800GT for dedicated Physx?
A : Absolutely.Sometimes it is best to allocate 100% of the 295 to graphics. Having the 2nd GPU alolows you to get max perf
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[1841] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Blazen22: Is Nvidia worried about the Havok engine wreaking havoc for Physx any time soon?
A : No we are not worried. We want all games to have great Physics effects. Havok recently demostrated GPU acceleration - its great that Intel now acknowledged that GPU acceleration is the way to go.
[1842] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Blazen22: Since Nvidia is advancing to Appleā€™s MAC computers, will Physx be available for Mac OSX?
A : We do support the PhysX SDK on MAC..but we don't have GPU acceleration yet for the MAC. Bootcamp will work with PhysX.
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[1838] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : chizow: Why doesn't Nvidia do a better job of communicating what games under development will be using hardware accelerated PhysX? Its understandable that unconfirmed details such as PhysX support aren't certain and subject to change, but its difficult to find any info on hardware PhysX titles even close to launch.
A : We are bound of course by confidentiality agreements. But the good news is we do have a pretty complete list of games available on nZone. Also on 6/2 our PhysX website is getting a major update that will make it much clearer.
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[1831] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : clamatowas Is the Physix chip a different chip on the Card. Or is built into the GPU?
A : PhysX runs on the CUDA architecture available on all the shipping GPUs. So there is no need for a separate chip on the card.
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[1815] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : poizin: Have you considered OpenCL for the future?
A : To get the really great physics in games needs GPU acceleration. Currently PhysX used the CUDA SDK to allow us to accelerate . In the future we could consider OpenCL, currently CUDA works great.
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[1847] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : csmzz: what benefits will physx bring to new games?
A : PhysX allows detructive environments and realistic body motion. Fundementally it makes games much more real. I love the smoke...and water effects
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[1800] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : Atlas Folder What percentage of a GPUs computing power does PhysX consume in a typical game?
A : It varies from game to game, but on average, the load is shared about 50/50
[1833] NVIDIA_Philip:
I meant 15% - not 50/50
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[1857] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : i_cruz: How many new games will be using Phisix
A : We have a bunch of new titles coming all the time. For GPU accelerated PhysX we just announce Terminator, Darkest of Days, Dark Void
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[1831] EVGATech_JacobF:
Good question i_cruz, can you please send an email to [email protected] with your shipping address, you won a copy of Lost Planet!
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[1809] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : recKz Say you have 2 identical GPUs. Would it be better to use them in SLI or Multi-GPU mode in order to use physx to its fullest?
A : PhysX is acceleration works even in SLI mode - so generally the best solution is to leave SLI on, and the game will do the right thing - but in some games its possible you could get a further improvement by disabling SLI mode.
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[1850] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : clamatowas: Are there more then 1 type of Physix chip. Like does the 285/295 have a better chip then the 9 series?
A : PhysX is integrated into our GPU. So effectively our software balances the load between graphics rendering and physx processing on a single GPU. In systems where there are more than 1 GPU we take advantage of all resources to optimize overall system performance
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[1826] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : bonafide: is it possible for physx to be used in the windows desktop? like bouncing around windows and having a 3d desktop but with physx, similar to compiz fusion. [under vista/7 or higher] ?
A : We have been talking to some developers to use PhysX for desktop management. Unfortunately I can not comment on specific applications. But basically PhysX could be used for desktop apps.
[1846] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : bonafide: Can PhysX be realistically used for the next generation of flight simulators? or is only good for simple physical calculations...?
A : Of course. Imagine the smoke effects coming off jet engines! As a matter of fact I have seen some demos that make me think flight sims may be one of the killer apps for physx
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[1803] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : oldmanjk: PhysX vs. OpenCL?
A : OpenCL is not an alternative to PhysX. OpenCL, like the CUDA SDK allows developers access GPU's compute capabilities. PhysX provides a complete physics simulation subsystem
[1813] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Pistolkilla: What does Nvidia do to encourage Physx development to gaming developers?
A : We provide extensive support and work hand in hand with developers to get the best result. We send guys on site to actually sit with the game developers in some cases. PhysX is key to us...and we invest to make it successful
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[1815] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : DarKSeeD: how come the Havok engine is more popular than PhysX, though PhysX looks ways better?
A : Actually the PhysX engine is used in many more games than the Havok engine since we are integrated into many commercial game engines including UE3, Gamebryo, Trinigy, Her Engine, Unity engine and if you add up all the games under developement under these engines it is several hundred. Habvok had more games than PhysX on consoles historically but with all the added work we have recently done on console versions that should change.
[1826] NVIDIA_Monier: Q : Pistolkilla: What makes a good physx card? Memory, GPU Clock, Shader Clock?
A : It depends on the algorithm, e.g. in case of particles or cloth the more parallelism available the better and faster the algorithm
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[1836] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : th3flyboy Will PhysX get tools for Blender?
A : Blender can output assets which are compatible with PhysX, but currently there are no plugins for PhysX for blender - if anyone out there is interested let us know we can help if we can .
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[1814] EVGATech_JacobF:
Good question flyboy, please send an email to [email protected] with shipping address for a free copy of Lost Planet.
[1820] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : sethkinast I just picked up a second eVGA 8800GTS (G92) to run in SLI. In a game like Mirror's Edge that relies heavily on PhysX, am I going to see more of a benefit using the second card separately for PhysX, or by running SLI?
A : Depending on the resolution some are faster dedicating a GPU to physx and other games are faster running SLI.
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[1827] NVIDIA_Monier: Q : mikel_s Does PhysX allow for simple things, like less ragdoll-type dead bodies (in many games)?
A : Sure, PhysX is actually used in UE3 and all the ragdoll physics is using PhysX
[1829] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : DarKSeeD: are concerned about Intel's Larrabee?
A : Like everyone else we are awaiting Larrabee. Currently Larrabee is expected to ship in late 2010 and so games using it will be available in 2012. Anything that promotes the use of hardware in physics is something we welcome since it acceerated the use of hardware physics in games
[1832] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : sigvoror If running one card, such as a 275, how much of a hit to fps is PhysX?
A : It varies game to game - but on average it's about a 15% share of the GPUs work - so about a 15% perfromance hit on FPS, if you extrapolate.
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[1849] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : DarKSeeD: you choose to provide PhysX for the PS3, what are the benefits?
A : Alot of developers create games for multiple platforms, so its important to have great multiple platform support. PhysX supports PC, PC+GPU acceleration, PS3, Wii and XBOX360 , and now even the iphone
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[1808] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Pistolkilla Is there anything such as overkill for Physx processing, Example 2 295s and 1 285 for physx?
A : On todays games...the physx loads are relatively on many of today's games we don;t see much perf benefits beyond a GTS250...But that is changing. PhysX content is quickly increasing the load as gamers and technology appreciate the benefits. Over time....I suspect a 285 will be completely consumed.
[1818] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : Sonano What made NVIDIA go with Aegia over any other company for implementing physics?
A : NVIDA and AGEIA shared a common culture and had similar visions for the growth of phsyics in games. Sharing experience with chip development has also helped to make the integration between the two organizations really deep
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[1835] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : Ceej: How have the developers responded to PhysX inclusion?
A : The world's top publishers have responded very well - 2K, THQ, EA, and several other top publishers in the world have signed development licenses for PhysX. Plus, as mentioned earlier several new titles in the second half of 2009 are slated to have GPU physX support buit in.
[1806] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : recKz What exactly has to be added to a game before Physx can be enabled? Is it simply one line of code, or does it have to be optimised from day 1?
A : A game needs to use a game engine with has PhysX integrated like UE3 or the dev has to add PhysX . Then the dev has to use PhysX plugins and tools to create physical assets
[1812] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : Blazen22 How many people are on the Nvidia Physx department when it comes to research?
A : The total number of people in NVIDIA reseraching physics is large and it includes people from the reserach team in NVIDIa, fromt he graphics team, from the architecture team and from the old AGEIA team. I'd estimate it's over a hundred.
[1840] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : nghtwsl Can a older gpu used as a dedicated physx card cause a bottle neck and actualy reduce preformance instaed of increase it?
A : yes. Assigning physx to a lower powered GPu can slow down overall system performance. If you have a 285 ...sometimes it is best to leave physx on the big card
[1826] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Serephucus Can PhysX be split between the GPU and CPU, given that most games aren't multi-core supporting. Would this offer any great performance increase?
A : PhysX already supports multi-core CPU and GPU, the game controls that and our new APEX tech helps that too.
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[1818] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Zogrim Nvidia APEX framework was announced with scalability support. Does this mean that future APEX games (like Dark Void) will feature adjustable level of GPU PhysX effects ?
A : APEX allows scalable physics, but final control is in the hands of the developers.
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[1823] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : mindcloud Is there any benefit to turning off physx if you are playing non-physx supported games?
A : There is no benefit to tunring it off - if the game doesn't use GPU physX, it won't ask any more of the GPU
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[1843] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : Blazen22 Are some of these developers from Agea?
A : Yes PhysX in NVIDIA today is developed with the help of a lot of developed from the old AGEIA but there are large numbers of new non-AGEIA developers also involved in it,
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[1803] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : Yams2007: in your opinion, what game showcases PhysX over other GPU acceleration the best?
A : The two best shipping examples are Cryostasis and MIrrors Edge
[1805] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Davabled What can we as consumers do to help convince developers to use GPU based PhysX in upcoming games?
A : I think it is important to just keep active in the community. Devs watch the forums just like we do. the more buzz we generate the more buy in we will see
[1800] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : tylerritchie: How much of the GPU architecture needed to be changed to implement PhysX/CUDA?
A : NVIDIA CUDA Architecture introducedin G80 was designed for Physics in mind, so actually was a great match to PhysX without any changes
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[1810] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : alynd: How will Directx 11 affect PhysX?
A : DX11 won't have any impact of our GeForce PhysX processing ability
[1844] EVGATech_JacobF:
Good question alynd, please send me an email with your address, you won a free copy of Lost Planet, please state Lost Planet in the subject. [email protected]
[1846] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : Sonano Is PhysX used in anything besides games?
A : yes, PhysX has many applications outside of games. Examples are robotocs (PhysX is used in Microsoft Robotics Studio), it is used in content creation tools, it is used in military simulation, it is used in CAD tools, etc.
[1858] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : btotheeck How many game developers plan to incorporate PhysX in new games? Can we look forward to this being used in games other than shooters?
A : Check out Crazy Machines 2+ (with 20 bonus GPU PhysX levels included). Also Sacred 2 has GPU PhysX goodness built in and is not a shooter
[1820] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : csmzz: you say physx allows destructive environments and realistic body motion, but these elements can exist without the use of physx. Would it really be worth investing in a nvidia chip purely for physx?
A : Of Course ! It is all about balance. We can show amazing effects though the power of the GPU. Take a look at our smoke demo for a look at what is coming. PhysX (GPu accelerated) changes the game.
[1856] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : jenkinsm: Does the standalone PhysX card perform better than the integrated PhysX?
A : Yes - discrete GPU are generally more powerful than intregated GPUs. Also newer games with PhysX really are targetting GTX260 and higher
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[1819] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : Carnivorous17 Is there any sort of list currently available that tells what games currently support PhysX?
A :
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[1853] NVIDIA_Monier: Q : Serephucus Can PhysX be split between the GPU and CPU, given that most games aren't multi-core supporting. Would this offer any great performance increase?
A : In case of HW accelerated PhysX the CPU will use the GPU for compute intensive tasks. The compute intensive tasks are either resolved on the GPU or on the CPU but not split. Splitting will actually cause a performance decrease since all the data is already on the GPU and additional threads are more or less for free.
[1826] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Pistolkilla Will games in the future have fine tuning tools like they do for graphics, just for Physx?
A : We already have tools for tuning PhysX already and we have better ones in the works - check out the SDK
[1833] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : mikel_s Will there be any differences between PhysX on a DX9 system as opposed to a DX10 system?
A : GPU accelerated physx will run on any GF 8X and higher. Older DX9 cards do not have all the required hardware support.
[1833] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : Aadude Where do you see physx in 5 years?
A : physics is only beginning it's role in games and we are really excited about where it can go. Ultimately all games can benefit from physics and it can dramatically change how games are developed and played. Think of what 3-D graphics did to games inthe late 90's and early 2000's. Physics can make an even greater impact. At NVIDIA we are getting ready for PhysX to lead that kind of revolution in gaming
[1802] EVGATech_JacobF:
Hi all, please note that when it says message rejected, that does not mean your message was rejected, you can just ignore that message.
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[1846] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : variablecheese Can you run SLI and a 3rd card for PhysX?
A : Yes
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[1801] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Sonano How accurate is PhysX in terms or actual physics?
A : PhysX is designed for realtime Physics so it close but could not be considered a research quality physics simulation.
[1810] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : bonafide Can PhysX be used for the next generation of flight simulators to offload cpu usage, and what kind of performance increase do you think it will bring?, or is it only good enough for simple physical calculations in fps games for example..?
A : PhysX is perfect for real runtime physics simulations. Some games use it for things like collision detection so it is not just for eye candy. PhysX is designed to be the "real" game simulation.
[1837] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : jenkinsm Does PhysX performance improve when using SLI?
A : Yes - your overall performance always improves with SLI - whether using GPUs for Graphics, or graphics plus physX processing
[1838] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : maulericool How are console games able to utilize PhysX without the use of a GPU acceleration?
A : The PhysX team has ported the SDK to different processors including the Cell processor, the power PC among others and so PhysX can run on the PS3, the XBOX 360, the Wii. Other companies have ported the PhysX to the Mac and the iphone and so there are PhysX games on those platforms as well. PhysX also runs on the CPU in any PC
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[1847] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : Serephucus: If I had three cards in Tri-SLI, could I run dual-SLI, and dedicated PhysX?
A : Yes. we just answered this question
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[1859] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : mindcloud: Is there currently any plans to retrofit existing games with physx support?
A : No. PhysX requires new design. New versions of games of course can adopt.
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[1840] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : MAINGEAR If you had to compare an NVIDIA GPU to the orginal PhsX accelerator from Aegia, what comparable GPU would it be?
A : The AGEIA PPU is a PCI or a PCIe 1x solution, so its difficult to compare to high performance GPU - but closest comparision would be GeForce 9500
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[1847] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : recKz Will there be any exciting announcements relating to Physx at E3?
A : You'll have to let us know - after E3
[1849] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : btotheeck: Will there be any way to adjust the PhysX "use" or "load" in the future?
A : Yes. Stay tuned for a future driver release.
[1817] EVGATech_JacobF:
Great question Maingear and bthotheeck, can you send an email to [email protected] you won a copy of Mirrors Edge, please send an email with the subject "Mirrors edge"
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[1832] EVGA_Marketing:
Be sure to check out EVGA's Latest Social Networking page and sign up: never know when we are going to random giveaways to those are are in our Social Network Groups!
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[1857] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Skydive As with GPUs, the demand on them scales with high resolutions. (such as 2560x1600) Is this also true for PhysX?
A : PhysX is largely an independent simulation running in parallel with the garphical models. Higher res does not affect the physx sim. but of course the resources may be shared on a single GPU so there is an interrelatioonship
[1812] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Trancos Are we expecting to see a spike on CPU usage due to the software balancing of the load?
A : Software blancing is generally done to eliminate spikes.
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[1841] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : AcesofDeath7 Is there a team that is constantly working on improvements to PhysX and CUDA or is it sporadic?
A : At NVIDIA we're always working on improving existing technologies - support and innovation are not sporadic - it's an ongoing initiative and will continue
[1842] NVIDIA_Monier: Q : Pistolkilla What is the advantage of Physx over standard came physics?
A : PhysX supports standard game physics and in addition HW accelerated PhysX, which will allow for much more interactive game effects, e.g. rippable cloth, fluids, interactive smoke ... games look much more realistic and it's very difficult to go back to standard game physics
[1859] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : mikel_s Could you give a quick example of what differences a gamer might see using a single-GPU rig with PhysX as opposed to a SLI-mode 2xGPU setup?
A : Higher frame rates!
[1801] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : btotheeck Does overclocking my graphics card help accelerate PhysX in any way?
A : Yes - OCing accelerates shader processing; however, most GPUs are already powerful enough - so the increase in performance is relatively negligible over "Stock" settings
[1806] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Ceej What kind of improvements do you think PhysX can do to make more realistic effects?
A : We are improving PhysX all the time. The main improvements is usablity and increased interaction.
[1814] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : jenkinsm Do some games require more power for PhysX effects than other games?
A : Yes of course. Currently the use of physics in games is incremental since there is not enough processing power in any system to make everything in a game physical. So developers decide what aspects of physics they will use. For instance a game may use physics for just destruction, or for destruction and clothing, or for destructio nad clothing and fluids and so on. Of course the more physics that the developer uses th emore exciting the game -- but it is upto the game developer
[1841] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Zogrim When PhysX SDK is going to support rigid bodies on GPU, not only particles and cloth ?
A : Coming soon. At GDC we demostrated accelerated RB's via oru APEX.
[1841] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Blazen22 Is Physx need the help of the processor in any way when it comes to DVI/VGA/ or HDMI?
A : No
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[1805] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Nomak02 are you guys going to make a card solely dedicated to physx in the future?
A : Never say never.
[1849] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : jenkinsm Is it possible for developers to add PhysX support to existing games or must it be integrated from the start?
A : Not really
[1856] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : SRaudabaugh What game is the Crysis equivalent for PhysX? That is, it is the most demanding on the PhysX card and used PhysX in the most impressive way yet?
A : That title has not yet made it to the market....but stay tuned.
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[1829] EVGA_Marketing:
We have alot of great questions coming in, we are going to get to as many of them as we can. We will be taking a few more questions, and that will give us time to get all the questions answered that are in queue
[1848] EVGATech_JacobF:
Cryostasis is a good example Good question Raudabaugh send an email to [email protected] you won a copy of FarCry2, please put FarCry2 in the subject.
[1803] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : Worlor Do you think AMD/Ati can compete the PhysX tech ?
A : We have an open SDK, which AMD hasn't elected to sign up for. We don't expect them to.
[1805] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : th3flyboy Would PhysX be a good idea for simulating Ballistics?
A : Of course. Ballistic simulations are just like other rigid body simulation.
[1819] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : variablecheese Is it possible that PhysX mods can be released later on for games already released?
A : Sorry no
[1841] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Pistolkilla Can Physx be used to assist in architectural stress molding?
A : Not really.
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[1857] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : jenkinsm To your knowledge, is PhysX being used to do any scientific research?
A : This is more of a cuda question. please join chat tomorrow
[1802] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : mikel_s How accessible and usable is PhysX for small-time game developers?
A : PhysX is available and free and open for anybody for commercial use and so PhysX is extremely favourable for smaller developers
[1803] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : jenkinsm To your knowledge, is PhysX being used to do any scientific research?
A : Yes but for prototyping style sims.
[1851] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : finete How much will PhysX be able to do in the future? Will it be able to create very realistic environments, such as a ground covered in small particles that could move around when walked on?
A : Of course. As GPU power increases and is applied to physx expect games to become more and more realistic.
[1817] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Atlas Folder Since PhysX is a CUDA application, what is the maximum number of GPUs that PhysX can run on simultaneously and will that number be raised?
A : Today that is one.
[1827] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : jkanta09 so our high-end gaming pcs have the potential of powering state-of-the art government application simulations?
A : Yes- the CUDA architure in your GeForce can run some of the high end apps running on supercomputers.
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[1842] EVGATech_JacobF: Q : Skydive Is there any one title that you would say is a shining example of maximum use of PhysX?
A : Cryostasis is a very good example!
[1857] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Atlas Folder Since PhysX is a CUDA application, what is the maximum number of GPUs that PhysX can run on simultaneously and will that number be raised?
A : Currently PhysX only runs on one GPU max.
[1813] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : DarKSeeD can PhysX be used for wind tunnel simulations thus helping the aeronautics industry?
A : Sure. PhysX is a general purpose simulation engine. Mutliple body effects can be realistically modeled.
[1849] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : chizow Would it be possible to implement an in-game "PhysX 3D Indicator" similar to the "SLI 3D Indicator" to verify whether GPU accelerated PhysX is working or not? I recently spent a good 30 minutes troubleshooting PhysX acceleration in Mirrors Edge with a GTX 280 SLI set-up. The problem turned out to be an outdated PhysXcore.dll in the game directory that took precedence over the latest installed driver. I had to delete the older file to get GPU PhysX to work properly.
A : Yes. this is coming in a driver update.
[1820] EVGATech_JacobF:
Great question chizow send an email to [email protected] with Company of Heroes in the title, you won a copy of Tales of Valor
[1849] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : Twitch_MI I have a 750a chipset on my mobo, and am running a gtx250, as my main graphics. Would i be able to use the on board gpu to run Physix?
A : PhysX support is for GeForce 8 sereis and higher, so you would not be able to use the on-board GPU to run PhysX - that GPU doesn't have the CUDA architecture, which runs GPU phsyX
[1829] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : Ceej Will we be seeing another GeForce power pack? The first few were cool and I'd like to see more.
A : We're always working on fresh content - be on the lookout for a new power pack soon....
[1851] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Skydive Is there any one title that you would say is a shining example of maximum use of PhysX?
A : I think we have seen some great examples like mirrors edge and cryostasis....but I don;t think we have yet seen a game really take physx to the next level ---kind of like crysis did for graphics. I am really looking forward to it though.
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[1816] NVIDIA_Monier: Q : bonafide What level of actual physics is really implemented in physx? is it just thousands of little balls (like in a liquid) acting upon each other according to some push-pull algorithm already predefined, or does it evaulate much more complexity such as the force of atoms, elements, gravity inside each particle?
A : In case of fluids we are using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH), which provide very good simulation resutls.
[1817] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : Ceej If PhysX is on a certain engine (say, UE3) how come some games support it (UT3, GRAW2, Mirror's Edge) while others don't? (Rainbow Six Vegas, AA3)
A : When PhysX is integrated into a certain game engine the vast majority of games using that engine use PhysX. There are a few (very few) instances when a game using that engine uses a different physics engine. Sometimes they use the CPU version of PhysX because of other considerations. I believe Rainbow Six egas used physx but did not have enough physX to need a GPU.
[1820] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : micah_675 Are there any plans to make a CUDA based Operating System of any sort?
A : The current versions of CUDA has a small O/S running on the GPU, but still needs a host to manage kernel launches - I can't comment on the future
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[1808] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : jenkinsm Will PhysX be integrated into mobile graphics cards?
A : PhysX already runs on NVIDIA mobile GPU's some of which are on MXM cards.
[1810] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : waltlove_99 Does it bother you that 3dmark doesn't allow physx enabled GPU acceleration in it's Hall of fame records?
A : No. Everyone knows the reality of the benefits of physx. We are all about real gaming. Our goal is to make PC gaming exceptional. benchmarks are 2nd order concerns.
[1832] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : mikel_s PhysX on the iPhone? What do you mean? How is that possible?
A : there are already physX games on teh Iphone. These use the Unity game engine which intergrates PhysX. In that case PhysX is ported onto the iphone processor
[1816] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : zerran2001 Would i see much of an increase if i used an 8series gpu for physx , along side of a 200 series gpu
A : Yes. Depends on the game and the settings. When you completely consume the GTX2xx with Graphics the 2nd card helps.
[1825] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Worlor What programming language are used for PhysX ?
A : PhysX SDk can be accessed by various languanges but C amd C++ is the most common.
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[1811] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : oldmanjk Could I use a dedicated PhysX card in the x8 PCI-E slot?
A : If the GPU card can fit in the slot PhysX would work fine.
[1816] EVGATech_JacobF: Q : Skydive Is there any one title that you would say is a shining example of maximum use of PhysX?
A : Check out Cryostasis
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[1824] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Blazen22 What do you think of the "VELOCITY" physics engine used in the game Ghostbusters?
A : Cool demo. But I think what matters is production games. We are focussed on working with major content providers to make the adoptionof physx easy. Again demos are less critical.
[1836] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Skydive Is there any one title that you would say is a shining example of maximum use of PhysX?
A : Best shipping example is Mirrors Edge
[1840] NVIDIA_Philip:
The FREE SDK is available on
[1837] NVIDIA_Monier: Q : Ace Chief 118 Right now you can dedicate a single gpu to only do physx, will we ever see sli'd gpus doing physx?
A : PhysX currently only works on one GPU.
[1813] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : Yams2007 How easily can indie developers use PhysX?
A : PhysX is free for all developers for commercial use. See link to the SDK above
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[1854] EVGATech_JacobF: Q : Serephucus There is a HUGE delay between when I post messages and when you see them, apparently. Apologies if I ask something that by that time is already asked and answered.
A : Remember there is a long list of questions, we go in order Like a que system.
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[1853] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : Worlor If nVidia didn't developped CUDA, do you think PhysX would exist ?
A : PhysX existing along side of GeForce, with our without the CUDA architecture. The CUDA architecture lends itself very well to processing PhysX - hence our close work with Ageia. PhysX runs on CPUs. PhysX runs a LOT better on GeForce GPUs, due to the parallel processing power of the CUDA architecture.
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[1812] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : th3flyboy Why is it that more developers don't use PhysX for game play modifying incidents like massive environment deformation and destructible buildings rather than just graphics?
A : It takes more time to integrate game play affecting physx. I see this as a learning process and a momentum effect. With over 110M DX10 GPUs in the market from us....NVIDIA has built the base that can give developers critical mass.
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[1826] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Worlor What do you think about the the quality of water in fluid demo ? Do you think a better water quality can be done with PhysX and then used in a game ?
A : In all demos you see two things the rendering and the underlying physics. We are improving both.
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[1845] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : zerran2001 Can you give us any clues if physx will be used in the upcoming starcraft2 game?
A : No clues
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[1919] EVGATech_JacobF: Q : Mystikalrush Was it in Nvidia intention to create a new type of gaming environment like Physx which decreases gaming performance?
A : Better image quality in games and better effects rarely improves performance Remember it is image quality you are getting with physics.
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[1918] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Mystikalrush Was it in Nvidia intention to create a new type of gaming environment like Physx which decreases gaming performance?
A : The use of PhysX changes the whole gaming experience - it can not be compared to the performance of a game without the same effects. So PhysX doesn't decrease performance.
[1926] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : pereir Is there a way to dedicate a certain percentage of processing power to PhysX on NVIDIA Cards?
A : Not right now...but this has come up a few times. We are working on technology to allow users to more precisely pick the GPUs that run PhysX vs grpahics...but right now it is not selection the amount of processing.
[1933] NVIDIA_Monier: Q : Pistolkilla What is APEX tech?
A : APEX is a dynamic scalable framework which sits on top of the PhysX SDK and allows artists to quickly generate dynamic and scalable content, e.g. destruction, clothing or vegetation
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[1925] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Zogrim PhysX SDK was recently integrated with Natural Motion's Morpheme. Any chance it will be supported by Endorphin or Euphoria too ?
A : PhysX will be the default physics solution for all of Natural Motion's solution
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[1951] EVGATech_JacobF:
Good question, Zogrim please email [email protected] with the Subject Colonization, you won a free game
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[1917] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : theclaww Whats the biggest change to the GPU architecture that you had to make to incorporate Physx
A : The CUDA Architecture which has been incorporated into all GPU 8XXX or above. CUDA has architectural eatures such as shared memory which help general compute and thereby help PhysX. Anything that helps general compute onthe GPU will help PhysX as well
[1933] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : AcesofDeath7 Was it a tough sell to the developers at first to get the PhysX ball rolling as well as it is now?
A : It is a learning process. Everyone is a bit risk adverse until they see the amazing impact that PhysX has on games. We work hard to make the barriers to adoption low. that is what Apex is all about. It takes time...but I think we are on the right path.
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[1953] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Ceej It seems to me that racing games would naturally benefit from PhysX, but I notice that most PhysX games are shooters, why is this?
A : PhysX will be used in racing games - it helps especially during the crashes !! But also remember PhysX is already being used for non FPS games - check out our lists
[1913] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : nghtwsl Does windows 7 handle physx well?
A : is brilliant!
[1938] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : DarKSeeD "Regeneration" claimed he could do PhysX on a Radeon HD3850 is that true or false?
A : It was bogus
[1950] NVIDIA_Monier: Q : theclaww How much will your framerate improve in a game if you add a dedicated physics card?
A : Depends on the phsyics load, the more dynamic and interactive environment the better the framerate improvements with a dedicated phsyics card
[1912] EVGA_Marketing:
Ok, everyone we are very sorry that some questions where not able to get answered, if you still have some questions after the chat you are welcome to email me and I will work with NVIDIA team to get you some answers. please make sure you read the entire chat, as many have asked the same questions.
[1928] EVGA_Marketing:
We will be closing the questions out, please do not send anymore questions at this time
[1939] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Trancos are we going to see the introduction of AI SW/HW support any time soon?
A : PhysX already has hooks to allow A/I solutions to work with PhysX
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[1957] EVGATech_JacobF:
Good question Trancos, you won a copy of Frontlines! send an email to [email protected] with Frontlines in the subject, remember to send your address.
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[1924] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Sonano Looking at a game box that supports PhysX (UT3), I notice there's no mention of it anywhere. How does NVIDIA promote PhysX in their products primarily?
A : We provide a logo to our partners and games. We also put it on our website. It is up to the partners to see the value of physx and propogate the logo appropriately.
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[1946] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : recKz Could we see Physx on mobile devices in the future? Or is it just not feasible at this time?
A : There are PhysX games already on the iPhone. There should be more coming and on other mobile devices
[1914] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : SRaudabaugh Why is it necessary to install separate drivers/runtime for PhysX based games for someone who doesn't have a PhysX card? Are you working to make it like Havok where you don't need to install extra software on your system?
A : The PhysX architecture allows updates to support new HW devices after the game ships - this is not possible with with Havok solution. We are looking into ways to achieve this great flexibility and not have multiple installs
[1955] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : AcesofDeath7 So having 3 285s in SLI with a 9800 for PhysX as a Classified will allow may hurt performance?
A : Depends on the game and the res. 3 285s will typically have enough power to run the badest games with physx. Moving forward though physx loads will increase and we will see more benefits from that last extra card.
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[1931] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : mindcloud Besides Cryostasis which uses physx heavily are there any other "wow" factor games or demos that show off the technology?
A : We have a bunch of games coming over the next few months, they all will have great PhysX effects - so watch out for them.
[1933] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : nghtwsl Is there a guide available that shows what GPU's you can use as dedicated physx with your regular gpu's to avoid a bottlenecking situation?
A : No but that is a great idea. Ill look at adding somthing to our website
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[1959] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Worlor Does Tesla cards can be used like PhysX dedicated card ?
A : Tesla could be used for PhysX acceleration.
[1924] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : DarKSeeD it will be possibble in a not so distant future to provide PhysX support for the red team? I mean everybody will benefit from that...
A : The free SDK is availalbe to AMD, though they have not adopted it.
[1926] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : Davabled To repharash jenkinsm's question: does the Aegia PhysX card perform PhysX better than, say, an GeForce 8800GT?
A : No
[1953] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : MaelstromOC Would a title that doesn't support multi core cpu's (say it only uses 2 cores of a quad) does that affect Physx's ability to use the other two cores along with the gpu's to process? Or does the title have to have proper support in order for physx to utilize the unused cores?
A : It does not. PhysX primarily runs on the GPU....but can take advantage of additional CPU cores independent of the games use
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[1929] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : sigvoror Would it be better to have 2 cards in SLi and one PhysX card, or 3-way SLi with PhysX enabled?
A : Depends on the game - I would recommend leaving it in SLI mode.
[1935] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Davabled To repharash jenkinsm's question: does the Aegia PhysX card perform PhysX better than, say, an GeForce 8800GT?
A : No it does not.
[1902] EVGATech_JacobF: Q : Pistolkilla I have heard running 3-way sli (3 280s)and a 4th for Physx will not work. Is this correct?
A : Yes it does work! We use it on the X58 Classified board.
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[1922] EVGA_Marketing to sigvoror:
we have a few more questions to answer then we will open the chat for everyone to say thank you to NVIDA team
[1936] NVIDIA_Manju: Q : Davabled Doe game developers have to pay nVidia to use PhysX?
A : No. PhysX is free for all game developers. We want PhysX to be used everywhere by everybody and we are investing heavily in PhysX to enable that
[1940] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : oldmanjk Should I keep my 8800 GT for PhysX if I have a GTX 260 Core 216?
A : Yes - keep it - two cards are better than one
[1944] EVGA_Marketing:
about 10 more mins everyone to close out
[1957] EVGATech_JacobF: Q : jenkinsm Is there any place to download PhysX demos, to see what PhysX is actually doing?
A : Yes, you can download the Cryostasis demo right here at
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[1905] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Mystikalrush Do you feel that PhysX is changing the way people play PC games knowing how GPU demanding Physx is and possibly making people belive they need a separate Video Card just to run there games smooth.
A : PhysX is changing the way games play and look and feel. If we offer enough benefit - mind blowing effects...folks will happily put in a dedicated card to run the games well.
[1919] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : recKz Does using physx add to the heat and power usage or not?
A : Since there is an increase in activity there could be an increase power usage but its minor
[1955] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : zerran2001 Can you split a gtx 295 and use one have for physx, and if so would it be worth it.
A : Leave it in its default setting which is SLI mode
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[1906] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Zogrim PhysX games list on is currently dated (staying without update for about a year) any chance it will be modified soon ?
A : We are updating the PhysX page. the game list will be part of it.
[1920] NVIDIA_Monier: Q : Pistolkilla Can Physx help calculate realistic lighting and reflections? Rather than using lightmaps.
A : PhysX runs on CUDA and CUDA can be used to provid realistic lighting
[1940] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : Davabled Doe game developers have to pay nVidia to use PhysX?
A : No
[1950] NVIDIA_Nadeem: Q : SRaudabaugh Can PhysX and Havok be used in a game side by side? I'm trying to think of why Valve hasn't adopted PhysX into the Source engine yet
A : It was done in GRAW-1 so can be done - its better to have PhysX 100%.
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[1901] EVGATech_JacobF: Q : crosstip What would be the bare mininum card one can use as a PhysX card? 8600, 8800, etc...
A : Recommend a 9800GT or better
[1914] NVIDIA_Philip: Q : jenkinsm Is there any place to download PhysX demos, to see what PhysX is actually doing?
A : yes - our power packs: ... wnload.asp
[1931] NVIDIA_Tom: Q : jenkinsm Is there any place to download PhysX demos, to see what PhysX is actually doing?
A : We have made physx demos part of our paowerpacks and they will all be linked from our new physX page.
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