GTX 780 Ti - Full GK110  

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Looks like the GTX 780 Ti won't be gimped, in terms of resources.

The card will be $700, but should easily take the single-GPU performance crown. The GTX 780 and Titan were gimped since they had no competition, but the new R9 290X is slightly faster than both of those. The GTX 780 Ti is NVIDIA's answer. But I wonder, is TSMC up to the task? I guess we'll see, if there are a lot of shortages again then we know the answer.

It also looks like the memory clock isn't gimped, but the core clock is so that they could fit it into a certain TDP. Expect to be able to push it past 1000 MHz easily if you have good cooling.

Posted : 01/11/2013 12:22 pm


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