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And we have an expired Fermi NDA!!

Jedi ... 20384.html

The guy's legit, been with Nvidia since early 07. Been spot on every time.

GF100 outperforms ATi's 5870 by 46% on average
GF100 outperforms ATi's 5970 by 8% on average

The GF100 gets 148 fps in DiRT2
The GF100 gets 73 fps in Crysis2
The GF100 gets 82 fps in AvP3

*GTX misnomers removed due to Business NDA*

GF104's maximum load temperature is 55 C.

The release week of GF100 is Mar 02nd

Blackberry ordered about a million Tegra2 units for their 2011 smartphone.
Apple ordered a few million Tegra2 units for the 2011 iPhone.
Nintendo ordered several million Tegra2 units for their next gen handheld (the DS2!)

*Removed: Under business NDA*

That's all for now kiddies! See if you can guess for the time being, each - represents a letter or number

Extra spoilers!

* GF100 and GF104 will feature a new 32x Anti Aliasing mode for enthusiast setups.
* GF100 and GF104 can do 100% hardware based decoding for 1080p BluRay and H264 playback.
* GF100 and GF104 feature full SLi capability and a new scaling method for rendering!
* GF100 and GF104 will provide full on chip native C++ operation for Windows and Linux environments. This will be further augmented with CUDA and OpenCL.
* GF104 will feature new technology designed for UHD OLED monitors!
* GF100 promises to deliver at least 40% more performance than the GTX295 for less money. GF104 promises double that.

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