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And we have an expired Fermi NDA!!


Yo nubz!
They're currently showing the Fermi cards running benchmarks on the CES 2010 show. Here's a few pictures of the working card:

Source: ... 40953.html
One's gotta love chinese. Or japanese.

I don't understand why people are so dang afraid of the performance increase written by that nvidia guy. I mean, seriously, why would technology develop so slowly and in such a constant pace?
Increased performance is either;
New technologies
New materials

If someone comes up with a new material, why wouldn't it be able to be 2x times faster than the earlier? I think everyone agrees that tomorrow's PC's will be way, way faster than those today. That would be because of new materials and technologies. Why is it that they have to be found in a chronological order? Why would we so surely develop that material from carbon, which is just a bit faster than the current, before we come up with that excellent kind of, um... plastic which is 100 times faster. Because it will happen.

I can't get it written down very good... hope someone catches my thoughts anyway...

Topic starter Posted : 04/01/2010 10:03 pm