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1 thing I've Noticed about the new GTS 250 GPUs...


Well, so far so good. I received my first 2 EVGA GTS 250's (Vanilla 512) and got them installed on the MSI P6N Diamond and folding. The coolers do in fact cool very well. @ Stock Clocks folding for 24 hours, the max temp was 62c on the top card and 60c on the bottom with the fan @ 60% and an average ambient temp of 27c(78f). I just finished my OC stint and with moderate OC's (810/1791) I gained right at 400PPD/client and the temps only went up about 4c over the first 45 minutes. All seems very stable. No EUEs or hiccups at all folding.

Impression after 1 day? Very good card for any Lower budget build. Not a bad card for a moderate budget build. You can go 3-way SLI for under 400 bucks. That's a heck of a deal in my book.

    Average PPD/Card:

    Top GTS 250 on 5903 Series = 5782 PPD
    Bottom GTS 250 On 5903 Series = 5129 PPD

(These Averages we're from before the OC, so I expect 3-400PPD increase with the moderate OC I was able to achieve.)

Topic starter Posted : 14/03/2009 8:53 am