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1 thing I've Noticed about the new GTS 250 GPUs...


My Akimbo coolers are awesome if you don't have 3 crammed together just for the reason you stated. They are like the XFX cooler in that it leaves maybe 1/8" between the cooler and the backside of the next card making the USB ports you mentioned almost impossible to use and making the gpus run warmer as they are pulling in hot air from the back side of the card below and having to work harder to do it. I noted a good 5-10c difference between my top 2 cards and the bottom card when I had 3 Akimbo's in one rig. They are still better than the stock single slots for cooling as they exhaust most of the heat outside the case, but nominally so if crammed together.

Topic starter Posted : 14/03/2009 8:53 am