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1 thing I've Noticed about the new GTS 250 GPUs...






Look at the 4 above GTS 250's. Mainly the Coolers. To me, it looks like extra effort went into the cooler on the EVGA and BFG Coolers while the XFX and Zotac (and most if not all other) brands just threw on existing coolers in the old box fashion. With the EVGA and BFG Models, the fan and cowling is inset so more air can be pulled in more readily and without forcing it between an 1/8" gap between the cooler facing and the hot backside of the next card down. I'm eagerly waiting for my EVGA 250's to come in so I can see if looks tell the tale in this case.

I also noted that all but the XFX seem to have stayed with the much more user friendly positioning of the PCIe Connector placing it on the side rather than the rear of the card which makes connecting multi-GPUs easier in most instances. This also helps anyone who can't readily relocate their Hard Drives to keep them out of the Cabling route. In my case, it will make for much more effecient Water Cooling routing from the Pump/Res to the GPUs and from the last Radiator to the Res. Another way it helps Water Coolers in that you can still mount a 120mm fan on the end of your cards to blow cooler air across the heatsinks on your Ram and VR/other chips. If needed, you can then use the side panel fan as an exhaust to directly remove this heat.

Your thoughts?

Topic starter Posted : 14/03/2009 8:53 am