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1 thing I've Noticed about the new GTS 250 GPUs...


if anything i'd hate the XFX design for placing the fan area so close to the neighbor card.

Not just for airflow -- but for cables that have to run between cards. in my 780i box, there are two USB connectors directly above the bottom-most card, and the cables have to be able to run between two cards; this is already difficult enough with the 280SSC, i'd hate to try it with a card like taht (or even the gtx295)

coupled with the horrid location of the PCIe power connector on the XFX card (on the end opposite the DVI? sucks for you if you have devices using your 3.5" bays) and it's a bad design all around. it looks neat but that's it.

Topic starter Posted : 14/03/2009 8:53 am