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1 thing I've Noticed about the new GTS 250 GPUs...


I'm impresse4d with the Corsair PSU. the 12v never flutters at all. stays rock steady at 12.14-12.16v. I was a little concerned. I need to change out my old Soly tech 600w that drives my E6850 (3.516ghz) and 3 8800GT's folding as without SMP or VM client, the Voltages have dropped to 11.4-11.5 after a year of serious folding. I have a refurb CM real power 750 ready, I just need to get everything sorted out and do it as well as flush and re-route my WC on that rig.

Thanks for the comments.

Topic starter Posted : 14/03/2009 8:53 am