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GND merger with SWCT  

BOT Admin

Alright everyone, we are merging with Sweden's Crysis Team [SWCT]!

More details to come but you can find their website here:

They will likely be dropping by in the near future, so make them feel welcome! :drinks:


Here are the details as promised!

Though firstly, an introduction to SWCT.

Described as "Epic" by themselves, SWCT were formed in 2009 around April/May time, and consisted of 3 members. Now, at the beginning of 2010, they have 14.

Whilst playing Crysis Wars, both clans will be under their own tags, but under other games, they will use [GND]!

We will be participating in trainings together, which will be on:

Tuesdays - 7PM GMT (8PM CET)
Fridays - 8PM GMT (9PM CET)
Sundays - 7PM (8PM CET)[/center:3o67dlk9]

We will also do clan wars together, which will usually be scheduled for Fridays. Hopefully with both our clans, we will be able to take on bigger teams such as XI and BK!

All trainings (unless something REALLY bad happens) will take place on SWCT's private, and the server password will be given out tomorrow via Xfire!

On the topic of Xfire, we will be using GND's Xfire Group to communicate (along with this site obviously!), if everyone can make sure they are join (I have made the group auto accept =) )

Please note, you do not have to attend all training sessions, the given are SWCT's current times, and as they are providing the server, we chose to adapt to them. If this causes a major problem, please PM I-E-D!

Think that's it for now folks, any queries/comments, we don't want to here them! (Joking! - Reply below)

Posted : 16/02/2010 6:11 pm