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What to upgrade?


I like the HD5850. The actual card seems to be built much better than the HD3870. Performance wise is better than my HD3870, but not by much. But that's because I have to upgrade my CPU yet too. I have noticed that I can pretty much max every game I own that I couldn't before. Like Shattered Horizon, I had to use low-medium settings before, now I have it maxed and I get the same FPS.

The thing I dislike is the performance with DX11. The only game I have that is DX11 is Dirt 2, but the differences are minimal where the FPS loss isn't. I get a little bit more FPS than I did with my HD3870 when turning on the DX11 settings. That does not impress me. Tessellation seems to be too early for cards right now, I assume that's the FPS killer.

I have been playing Dirt 2 and like it a lot so far. I have been playing back and forth with a keyboard and controller and still have a hard time playing on the higher difficulties, so I am stuck at the easier ones for now. I played a bit of multiplayer and was usually near last place a lot. There were other people playing around my skill level so we went back in forth in score. 🙂

The power supply I got for free is alright, nothing I would put money into. The main thing I don't like is how short the cables are, and how few cables there are. I also had a problem with the fans hitting a cable in the power supply, so I had to persuade the cable to move.

I didn't think I would write that much, haha.

Topic starter Posted : 17/12/2009 6:58 pm