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What to upgrade?


Christmas is coming soon and I will be receiving some money, about $200. I am wanting to use this money to upgrade either my processor or my video card. Here are my current specifications:

Motherboard = Biostar TA770 A2
Processor = AMD Athlon X2 6000 (Stock at 3000Mhz)
Video Card = Visiontek Radeon HD 3870 OC Edition (840Mhz GPU Clock/1170 Memory Clock)
RAM = 4x1gb A-Data DDR2 800

I was looking at the 4890 for the video card, or the X3 720 for the processor. The problem with upgrading the processor is that my motherboard doesn't support the new Phenom II's. So along with the new CPU I would need to buy a motherboard.

I usually get 40-60fps in Team Fortress 2, but has the occasional dips into the 30s. Lowering or raising my resolution, adding or removing AA/AF doesn't impact the FPS by much. That's in a 24 man server.

I have asked a lot of people and had differing opinions on which to get, about half and half. So hopefully you guys can help me out. Which is the bigger bottleneck?

Topic starter Posted : 17/12/2009 6:58 pm