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What is the Loudest Component in Your PC?

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HI all,

I cant really hear anything until I turn my gtx285 fan speed above 62%
then it squeals like a pig, once I get into left 4 dead the zombies drown out the squeal.

coolermaster nv690 case
asus p6t deluxe
intel I7-920 cpu oc's to 3.5 gig w/ stock air cooler (for now)
ocz platinum 6 gigs ddr3 oc'd to 1333mhz
wd 640 gig black edition/ wd 150 gig raptor
pcp&c quad 750 watt ps
evga gtx285 gpu
samsung s223 dvd burner
viewsonic vx2240w monitor
cyborg keyboard

Topic starter Posted : 18/04/2009 6:15 pm