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Leveling Up
Jonsp wrote:
That stuff is confusing. Im just playing a song on it like what now? 🙂
I used to use audacity to make songs low and high pitched. Those are the master sound editing skills I have. :tounge:

Hahaha quite the pro engineer then!

Just depends on what you want to do, there should be some synths and effects bundled in so you can make some wierd sounds. Or you could search the Google for some drum sounds you can make beats with.

If you think thats tricky, you should see some of my gear/programmes/VSTi's it makes my mind numb sometimes.

Just thought i'd link it here for a bit of fun. Suppose it could help if you make games or films or something, add some of your own spice to it audio wise.


Topic starter Posted : 26/11/2009 3:01 pm