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My dilemna...


Well, being as "frugal" (read cheap LOL) as I am, I'd probably go with the 780i FTW route. Just a little note, I am having HUGE issue with my 4 GTS250s and folding 5765-5768 WUs. its immidiate UEU no matter what clock. Had the same problem with the 9800GT, but my 8800GTS and 9800GTX+ love the little buggers., so, IMO, if folding is an important factor in the equation, might want to stear clear of the gts250 at least unitl these WUs are dome and gone. Good news is this is the 2nd pass on them so they "should" be gone soon. I spent 45 munites last night killing clients that were EUE to pause and pruning the folders and restarting until I got 4 that would run. all the failures were in that series and all 4 pulled 59XX at the same time as are still flding away. I really hope the 57XX WU are history soon. Anyway, they don't call me Tangent Tim for nothing. LMAO.....

Topic starter Posted : 16/05/2009 3:52 am