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My dilemna...


My 750i FTW is what I've diced on. It blew my mind how well it worked. It just HATES realistic overclocks with safe air/water voltages on a q6600 for some reason. Plus I just want to save power and space and get 3+ cards on a board instead of 2.

Thanks for the warning about the the GTS 250s, heimie. I think it'll look sexy to have 3 of them, and the performance will be more than adequate (I don't play stupid Crysis). I wonder why the heck specific WUs won't work on certain cards. So odd.

If I can scrape the cash, I'll do a 760 classified with 3 GTS 250. That'd look really hot. I just don't want to buy a $200+ PSU right now, so the 260s are pretty much out the window. Or I could go p6t6 revolution and do 4 GTS 250s eventually... mmmmmmmmmm...

Topic starter Posted : 16/05/2009 3:52 am