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My dilemna...


I currently have an Asus Rampage Formula and an EVGA 750i FTW at my disposal. The Formula runs my q6600 at 3.6 (3.8 during winter) rock solid stable and cool. The 750i FTW (even with pencil mod) does not; I can get only about 3.15 to my liking stability-wise on it. I regret every day not spending the extra couple bucks on the 780.

Now... I WANT a board with 3 PCIe slots for gaming and folding reasons. I have one gtx 260 core 216 (65nm).

My two options are these...

Core i7 setup and 1 more GTX 260 and stick with my current PSU
780i FTW (which I assume w/ vdroop disable and other features will get me my 3.6 on the q6600) and buy 3 GTS 250s or 260 core 216s to fold and game on. My current 260 will go in the gf's rig for folding. I'd have to buy a corsair 1000w if I go with 260s and can stick with my 850w TT Toughpower if I go with the GTS 250s. The latter is less cost, for sure, and that'd be nice.

I guess I'm just scared I won't get 3.6 on the 780i ftw and regret not going i7. I enjoy gaming alot on my 1920x1200 monitor. And I really want to pick up my PPD. My PPD will skyrocket if I take the 2nd path, but I may lose out on top end gaming performance. If I go i7, I'm sure to get over 3.6 and game well for a while.

What would you do?

Topic starter Posted : 16/05/2009 3:52 am